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A Beautiful Portrait of Jimmy’s Wife


Isn’t this a lovely portrait of Jimmy’s wife? Shobey1kanoby did the art in her realistic digital painting style. We don’t often get realistic portrait commissions, so we had a blast seeing the piece come together. Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Jimmy ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this portrait of your wife? […]

A Mother Shares Her Love of Pokemon with Her Children

ArtCorgi Commission for Monica Before and After by ArtCorgi

A while back, Monica received the gift of an ArtCorgi portrait featuring her with her favorite Pokemon Evee. Her son and daughter, Anthony and Angela, loved the piece, so Monica commissioned a portrait (by the same artist, Lucía García) of the two with their favorite Pokemon. We love how it came out! Backstory Behind the […]

Julian’s Awesome Spiderman Portrait

Julian as Spiderman Before and After by AruRmz via ArtCorgi

We love it when people commission portraits of themselves in costume, as is the case with this Spiderman-inspired portrait commissioned from AruRmz in her signature anime style. Why be drawn in everyday clothes when you can be drawn wearing anything your heart desires? Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Julian ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired […]

A Playful Portrait for a Family-Friendly Photographer

Dani by Elisa Moriconi Before and after via ArtCorgi

We are of the strong opinion that Elisa Moriconi’s Cute Comic Portraits don’t get nearly enough play, so we were thrilled when family and lifestyle photographer Dani Cavazzi decided to order one. Isn’t it lovely? We think it is a perfect avatar for a photographer who is capable of snapping flattering family photos (we all […]

A Whimsical Author Portrait

Portrait of a Romance Author Before and After by Angeline Roussel via ArtCorgi

C.J. Harwin, a debuting romance novelist, commissioned THE BEST author portrait from Angeline Roussel! We’re crazy about the piece’s whimsical composition (that, rather than posing in a straightforward manner, C.J. is pictured peeking over her book) and that the the book in the foreground is sporting a majestic narwal on its cover. To commission a […]

A Touching Memorial Portrait of a Stunning Grandmother

Portrait of a Grandmother by Stephanie Campbell via ArtCorgi

Portraits are beautiful ways to honor a person, no matter where they may be. Stephanie Campbell was recently commissioned to create this portrait of a much-loved and much-missed grandmother. What a classy woman she is, right? We are sad to know she is not still around, but are glad that her memory is actively being […]

A Brilliant Portrait of the Farleys

American Gothic Inspired Portrait Before and After by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

As part of a truly fun Christmas tradition, Mr. Farley commissioned this vibrant and cheery illustration featuring his wife and their marvelous menagerie of pets. Mourphine created the art in her signature 3D Cartoons style. Should you like to have your own piece made by Mourphine, stop by her commission page. Backstory Behind the Piece […]

A Charming Gift Featuring Two Sisters

Portrait of Two Sisters Before and after by Orgueil via ArtCorgi

Paul commissioned this lovely portrait of two sisters to give to their mother as a gift. Isn’t it sweet? Orgueil created this illustration in the style of her mixed media portraits. Swing by her commission page to get your own! Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Paul ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission art […]

An Author Portrait for C.R. Bruce

CR Bruce Before and After by TheMeeDes via ArtCorgi

Author C.R. Bruce just launched his website and commissioned an author portrait by TheMeeDes to accompany its launch. He will be using this portrait in books and online. We love its polish and versatility. You can learn more about C.R. Bruce, his work, and what inspired him to become an author by visiting his site: […]