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A Whimsical Author Portrait

Portrait of a Romance Author Before and After by Angeline Roussel via ArtCorgi

C.J. Harwin, a debuting romance novelist, commissioned THE BEST author portrait from Angeline Roussel! We’re crazy about the piece’s whimsical composition (that, rather than posing in a straightforward manner, C.J. is pictured peeking over her book) and that the the book in the foreground is sporting a majestic narwal on its cover. To commission a […]

An Author Portrait for C.R. Bruce

CR Bruce Before and After by TheMeeDes via ArtCorgi

Author C.R. Bruce just launched his website and commissioned an author portrait by TheMeeDes to accompany its launch. He will be using this portrait in books and online. We love its polish and versatility. You can learn more about C.R. Bruce, his work, and what inspired him to become an author by visiting his site: […]

An Author Portrait that Mixes Tradition with Style

Portrait of Tina by Windmyll Before and After via ArtCorgi

Given that there is a long history behind illustrated author portraits, we love to see writers keep it alive- with a modern twist, of course! That is exactly what author and writer Tina Alberino did with this fabulous author portrait she commissioned from Windmyll. The neat lines and bold coloring make it come across as […]