We're a friendly go-between between patrons and artists

Gift Delivery ArtCorgiWe created ArtCorgi to empower everyday people to commission unique art as gifts for friends, colleagues, and family (not to mention themselves!) with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment, and to aid up-and-coming artists in their careers, helping them gain more coverage, new clients and fans, and fair payment for their work. Think of ArtCorgi as your friendly artist and client liaison. ArtCorgi delivers a safe, fun, and fair experience for all parties involved.

Using ArtCorgi, you can commission work from artists based on specific samples and styles of their work. This enables you to have a much better understanding of what you’ll get in return, and gives artists maximum control (though you’ll still be given a rough sketch to approve and comment on).

We are oriented around digital-only commissions, meaning you are only given digital files of the work your artist creates, regardless of whether it was made digitally or using physical media. With digital files at your disposal, you can easily order canvas prints, cards, posters, or shirts from the vendor of your choice at minimal cost (though we also offer limited print options). You can also easily convert your commissions into desktop and phone backgrounds, screensavers, profile images, and social media cover graphics.

About The Founders

Malcolm Collins

In the summer of 2013, I commissioned 21 pieces of art from 18 different artists as part of my marriage proposal to my co-founder and fiancée, Simone Collins. Though the proposal went great (and went viral), I was dismayed to see how difficult it was to commission original work online and horrified by the way artists undervalued their work.
I created ArtCorgi to make it easier for everyday people to commission work, and to enable artists to be paid fairly for their skill and effort.
I am currently a student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Malcolm Collins / Corgi Lord
Simone Collins

As a Fine Arts grad, lover of history, and friend to many freelance artists, I believe strongly in patronizing the arts and am dismayed how the pursuit seems limited to only the very wealthy.
My hope is that ArtCorgi empowers more everyday people such as myself to patronize up-and-coming artists by making the process affordable, approachable, and fun. I also hope ArtCorgi inspires people to create unforgettable and unique gifts for friends, colleagues, and family members. Nothing stands out like original artwork!

Simone Collins / Corgi Lady

About the ceo

ArtCorgis CEO - Lucia Garcia

In the summer of 2013, Malcolm hired me to create one of the 21 pieces he’d later use to propose to his (now) wife, Simone. Little did I know that event would lead me down the path to becoming a fulltime artist at ArtCorgi and, as of 2017, its CEO. ArtCorgi allowed me to become a thriving artist whilst making a positive impact in the lives of the clients that have worked with me on their creative projects.

I’m committed to continuing Malcolm and Simone’s legacy. Aiding up-and-coming artists’ careers whilst providing our clients with the best online art commissioning experience and unparalleled results.

I hope ArtCorgi will demystify the art commissioning process, making it more appealing (and secure) for everyday people to choose art to immortalize their memories and bring their ideas to life.

Lucia Garcia / Corgi CEO

About Gigaverse

ArtCorgi is the first (and presently, only) marketplace within Gigaverse network. Gigaverse, Inc. is a company (also founded by Malcolm and Simone) dedicated to empowering freelance professionals and one-person businesses.

Gigaverse LogoGigaverse’s long-term vision is to make it just as easy to be self-employed as it is to work full time for an established organizations. It will do so through:

  • Education: Courses and workshops showing you how to sharpen your skills and strengthen your career (free courses are already available at Gigaverse.com)
  • Boutique marketplaces: Niche sites such as ArtCorgi through which you can gain clients and work (more are on the way)
  • A career platform for freelance professionals (currently in development): Making it possible to manage every aspect of your career (accounting, billing, taxes, retirement savings, insurance, strategy, etc.) from a centralized dashboard

For more information about Gigaverse, visit Gigaverse.com.