Family portrait from individual photos? – Step by Step guide

Family portrait Commission art nouveau sample by Shintayu - ArtCorgi

Family portraits are one of the most special gifts you can get to celebrate and cherish your family. They also make for charming home decor! If you’ve been thinking about getting a family portrait from individual photos so that you can include everyone (even your pups and furbabes!) with little hassle, you’re in the right place!

Can you turn a photo into a portrait?

You may be wondering how you can turn a photo into a family portrait painting, possibly using an app.

But you know apps often come with really shady terms on what they can do with your photos and data… And, to top it off, the results are rarely worth framing and putting on your living room’s wall.

So how can you merge photos into a custom portrait without it looking ridiculous or compromising your security?

Easy! You can commission an artist to create a custom family portrait for you! Why not work with an actual human who loves painting and will be able to put their years of experience to creating a charming portrait you won’t be able to stop showing off to friends and family?

How much does it cost to commission art? What are the price ranges for family portraits?

Painting prices may vary greatly between artists, styles and how many family members you want to include in the piece. In general, the more compelx the portrait, the more expensive it will be.

Depending on their expertise and availability, some artists may charge $200-500 for a family portrait but it can go beyond that and reach the thousands of dollars for specific, highly sought-after artists.

ArtCorgi is home to many talented artists that create painted portraits in many different styles. Our prices for family portraits start at $60, but the average price per family portrait is usually $350-$450.

You'll also get the chance to provide feedback on an initial draft, request small changes after it's finished and feel confident knowing our money back guarantee protects you if anything goes wrong (but it rarely does, our artists are amazing!).

ArtCorgi - Family Portraits by Megan Crow featuring a family at the park

Family Portraits by Megan Crow

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Cartoon portraits by Vince Ruz

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Here are the 3 easy steps you need to take to combine your family pictures into a beautiful, custom portrait of your family.

Step 1 - Gather the photos of every family member you want to include in your portrait

Most artists need reference photos to be able to paint portraits and they won’t have any trouble merging multiple photos into one heartwarming family portrait.

So your first step is to gather a few reference photos of everyone you want to include in your family portrait. Having a few photos per person will give the artist a better idea of what they look like from different perspectives and they’ll be able to capture the resemblance better.

Commission Sample by ArtOfRam Family Portrait

Another benefit of merging photos into a painting is that the artist will be able to accommodate different poses and include people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it.

This is especially helpful when we want to pay tribute to loved ones who passed away and we want to have a keepsake to remember them for generations to come.

Once you’ve gathered the reference photos, it’s time to move on to the next step!

Step 2 - Commission an artist to paint your family portrait from the individual photos you’ve gathered

You’ll want to choose an artist to commission to create your family portrait. ArtCorgi is home to hundreds of artists that would be happy to take your photos and turn them into a charming family portrait.

Choosing an artist that can paint in the style you’re looking for is key to receiving a family portrait you’ll love.

Avoid asking an artist to paint in a different style as it probably won’t look as good as it could if you hired someone who’s an expert in that same style.

Whether you're looking for an oil painting, a watercolor family portrait, a hand painted pencil sketch, or a charcoal drawing, you're bound to find the perfect artist if you're clear on what style you want!

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Once you’ve chosen an artist and they’re available to take your order, you should send them your reference photos and direction.

Let them know what you have in mind for the piece:

  • Do you want the people included to be in specific poses?
  • Or wearing different clothes?
  • Maybe have someone holding your doggie or other pet?

The more you convey what you want in the portrait, the higher the odds the artist will create something you’re beyond happy with!

Family portrait Commission art nouveau sample by Shintayu - ArtCorgi

Art Nouveau Portraits by Shintayu

Overall Rating: 5/5

Family portrait Commission for Juli by Lucia Garcia ArtCorgi

Anime Portraits by Lucia Garcia

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Step 3 - Provide feedback or request final tweaks & get your family portrait

It may depend on how you commissioned your artist, but if you get a chance to receive a draft or request changes on the finished version, that’d be your final step!

When you commission a piece of art through ArtCorgi you’ll receive a draft of your portrait that you can review and request changes to. So you’ll have the chance to participate in the creation process and make sure your family portrait is coming up perfectly!

Is there anything you think needs tweaking? Is resemblance good? Anything looks a bit wonky and could use some editing? Is it absolute perfection and you’re 100% happy with it?

Let the artist know and get ready to receive your finished family portrait!

You’re now ready to print your portrait and put it where everyone can see it. Congrats!

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Over to you – Are you ready to commission an artist to paint your family portrait from individual photos?

It’s your turn! If you’d rather have a custom-made portrait for your family, even if it’s using multiple photos instead of having a group photo turned into a portrait, commissioning an artist is the best way to do it!

Here’s a recap of how to commission your family portrait:

  • Step 1: Gather all of the reference photos you have of each person you want to include in your family portrait (yes, you can include your dogs, cats and other fur babies!). The more photos you provide, the better the artist will be able to capture the resemblance!
  • Step 2: Send them to the artist you want to commission once you know they’re open for commissions and happy to work with you! If you commission an artist through ArtCorgi, you’ll get additional security throughout the process, swift communications and be able to participate in the creation of the piece by sharing your feedback on the draft.
  • Step 3: Provide feedback on the draft or the finished piece to make sure it looks just right! If everything’s perfect, you’re ready to print your new family portrait and show it to everyone who visits your home!


Leave friends and family speechless with a unique, custom portrait they'll cherish for life.