How Rob wins Christmas each year with hilarious, custom-made X-mas cards!

If there's one thing I love is highlighting amazing humans that create even more incredible art. And Rob is one of them! He's been a recurring customer and ArtCorgi supporter for many years.

He's commissioned multiple Christmas and Birthday cards over the years and I'm excited to be able to share them with you! Get ready, they are too amusing!

Let's chat with Rob to learn more about where this tradition came from and what his friends and family think about it!

Hi, Rob! We've had the pleasure of working with you for a few years now. Would you like to share a bit about yourself with our community?

I'm the nerdy uncle to my nephews, inquisitive student to my professors, and essentially someone who tries to be there for others, whether they are family, friends, or strangers on the side of the road. Essentially, I'm Hagrid, minus the magic umbrella.

Fantasy illustrations by BenDX featuring Ghostbuster Rob and Ebenezer Scrooge

How did you come up with the idea to commission artwork to use as fun Christmas and birthday cards?

I was reading a book, and the author emphasised the importance of Christmas and Birthdays, as it's an opportunity to show someone your appreciation for who they are in your life. Initially, I thought of using store-bought cards, but they seemed bland to me, and that is when I looked into doing custom cards to make my cards stand out to the recipients.

What made you choose ArtCorgi?

The artists, people like BenDX, have done wonderful covers for my cards, and I get great feedback from those who get my cards.

You've worked on many cards with BenDX over the years; what did you enjoy the most about working with him?

BenDX has made reality some pretty challenging and crazy commissions, including one with me riding a unicorn in space (I swear it made sense).

What are some of your favourite cards you've created so far? What's the backstory behind the scenes portrayed?

The "Gift-Zooka" card cover, where I'm on Santa's sleigh with a modified bazooka that can launch gifts. Santa, in disbelief, yells if it is necessary, and I reply, "Necessary? No. Fun? Yes!".

It included my annual Christmas Card tradition of a bag of coal for the Boston Bruins. I'm from Vancouver, and I have an uncle who is a Boston fan who loves to rub in the soul-crushing 2011 Stanley Cup defeat of Vancouver to Boston.

So, I make it a point that in every Christmas card, there is a bag of coal for Boston.

6. How do people react when they receive your cards?

I think the best way gauge the reception of my cards is that my list Christmas and Birthday recipients keeps growing with each passing year. I have had to start budgeting to keep costs under control. Just this summer, a friend of a friend, when looking at some of the past card covers on my phone, begged to be on the list, for which I obliged.

7. Do you have any other fun ideas planned for future projects? We love a good cliffhanger around these parts!

I'm still working on the design/concept for this year's Christmas card, but it will essentially be a fun comparison of my mom, 'aka Grandma Claus, to my nephews,' versus Santa Claus. (I don't think Santa is going to win.)

Rob's collection of christmas cards and birthday cards illustrated by BenDX at Artcorgi laid out on a crystal desk

Thank you, Rob! It's been a treat helping you create custom christmas cards and birthday cards over the years. We can't wait to see what you have planned for this year's! 

Stay tuned for more installments of this fun tradition everyone!

Want to commission your own custom christmas cards by BenDX? Check him out here or peruse other styles in our shop!