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A Beautiful Profile Portrait by Frasefo

Frasefo Portrait Before and After via ArtCorgi

We are head over heels for this profile portrait that Kaz commissioned as a gift. Inspired by Frasefo’s delicate illustration style, and specifically a profile portrait she had drawn of another woman, he asked the artist to capture his friend’s likeness (beautiful finger tattoo included). While many clients enjoy a more hands off commissioning experience […]

A New Take on the Stately Portrait With a Star Wars Twist

Howard Hartenbaum the Stormtrooper by Danh Nguyen via ArtCorgi

There is something alluring about the stately military portraits of yore: subjects in full battle wear, posing stoically and confidently on battlefields (sometimes in the midst of battle), celebrating their strength and strategic prowess. These two commissioned portraits of Howard, created by Danh Nguyen, have a bit of that feeling: realistic portrayal, military garb, confidence, […]

Eric the Barbarian

Eric the Barbarian by Namio via ArtCorgi

In August, we ran a raffle and commission giveaway on our Facebook page, the winner of which was Eric! What he ultimately decided to commission was a portrait of himself by Namio in which he is styled as a barbarian. We are thrilled with the result, and love it whenever people commission off-the-beaten-track portraits of […]

A Sweet Birthday Portrait for a Soon-to-Be-Mother

Happy Birthday from Ghina by Nell Fallcard

Nell Fallcard has been creating some awesome art for ArtCorgi clients lately, and this piece, done in her cartooney style, is one of my favorites! Commissioned by Ghina as a birthday present for a friend of hers who recently discovered she will be having a baby, this piece is sweet, genuine, and fun. Ghina was […]

ArtCorgi: Scarlett Bruns by Dumonchelle Draws

Dumonchelle Draws was recently commissioned to create a digital portrait of Scarlett Bruns. Bruns’ biggest project right now is the sci fi TV show called Tide Waters as she writes and stars in the series. Big shout out to @adumonchelle for this awesome drawing of me! Love it! #art #fanart #artcorgi #thanks pic.twitter.com/zvNXgocqDj — Scarlett […]

ArtCorgi: Rebecca Niesen’s Commission by C. Day

Portrait of Rebecca by C Day

C. Day was recently commissioned by Rebecca Niesen to create a digital portrat. C. Day is a self taught artist based in Seattle, Washington who specializes in cartoon, anime and realistic art styles. We love the whimsical style of this portrait, so we asked Rebecca on her take of commissioning artists. “Be specific… You can […]

ArtCorgi: Sara’s Commission of Rich by Zanny

Sara's Commission by Zanny

We’d like to recognize ArtCorgi’s own, Zanny, for creating a portrait commissioned by Sara. Sara commemorated Rich’s 25 years of service in the police department so we wanted to know more about her and Rich’s life a little better! We love the final portrait of Rich and glad Sara does as well. “I am totally […]

A Look at One of ArtCorgi’s Newest Realistic Portrait Styles

Realistic Portrait Commission by Jimmy Yeung

Though he started off by offering striking creature commissions on our site, Jimmy Yeung recently added a realistic portrait style at a very wallet-friendly price point. Here is the latest commission he has done in this style featuring Facebook’s VP of Ads and Pages (and all-around online art connoisseur), Andrew Bosworth. Though we get a […]