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Fun Portrait of a Man and His Sidekick Cat

ArtCorgi Commission for Jake by Mourphine

Isn’t this portrait the best? Jake commissioned from Mourphine (in her Simple Cartoon style) for his friend Justin and we understand it went over quite well! Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Jake ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Jake (J): I always thought it would be a super cool idea as […]

A Second Year Wedding Anniversary Portrait

Second Anniversary Couple Portrait by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

We are always thrilled when we have the opportunity to share a new couple portrait with you, and the rough simplicity of this style (a trademark of Mourphine’s Simple Character illustration style) adds an extra kick of genuine love and earnestness to the piece that we just adore. You can learn more about the couple […]

A Fun Way to Capture a Perfect Moment

Portrait of a Laughing Couple Before and After by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

We absolutely love it when people have our artists turn special moments from their lives into works of art. Chris came to us with a particularly fun moment that Mourphine turned into this charming illustration. Though the photo Chris has is super fun, we love the added color and warmth Mourphine’s simple illustration style brings […]

Marcel in Central Park

Marcel in Central Park by Mourphine before and after via ArtCorgi

While many of the commission orders we receive are intended to celebrate certain people, others are meant to celebrate specific places, as is the case with this charming commission Marcel commissioned from Mourphine, featuring New York City’s Central Park. To commission an illustration of your own in this style, stop by Mourphine commission page. Backstory […]

A Brilliant Portrait of the Farleys

American Gothic Inspired Portrait Before and After by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

As part of a truly fun Christmas tradition, Mr. Farley commissioned this vibrant and cheery illustration featuring his wife and their marvelous menagerie of pets. Mourphine created the art in her signature 3D Cartoons style. Should you like to have your own piece made by Mourphine, stop by her commission page. Backstory Behind the Piece […]

An Adorable Portrait of a Boy with a Snake

Cartoon Portrait of a Boy with a Snake Before and After by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

Matt recently commissioned this portrait of his son by Mourphine and we can’t help but smile every time we see it! The piece was made in Mourphine’s sketch illustration style. Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Matt ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to have art commissioned of your son? Matt (M): I have been very […]

Fresh Take on a Popular Style: Mourphine’s Low Poly-Inspired Landscape

Low Poly Inspired Landscape Painting by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

When we began working with Scott Franks, a 26 year old designer based in the UK, he was interested in getting some low poly art created for his website. What ultimately resulted was this landscape by Mourphine (in a modified version of her Simple Character Illustrations) that combines the trending style with her unique painterly […]

ArtCorgi: Harry’s Commission by Mourphine

The Boat Trip by Mourphine - Commission for Harry

We love this illustration one of our latest clients, Harry, commissioned of himself and one of his friends out on the water. Isn’t it fun? We caught up with Harry to learn more about this piece and what inspired it. The Story Behind the Commissoin ArtCorgi: What inspired you to commission art as a gift? Harry: I […]