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We Love This Portrait of a Woman with Giant Armored Cats

Woman with giant armored cats

So far as gifts for friends go, we think this portrait Jeremy commissioned of his friend with her two cats takes the cake. What an epic piece! Of course, we expect nothing less from Bloodyman88 (the artistic powerhouse behind this piece), who has become the de facto artist-who-paints-clients-with-giant-armored-animals option on our site. We are glad […]

A Brilliant Portrait of the Farleys

American Gothic Inspired Portrait Before and After by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

As part of a truly fun Christmas tradition, Mr. Farley commissioned this vibrant and cheery illustration featuring his wife and their marvelous menagerie of pets. Mourphine created the art in her signature 3D Cartoons style. Should you like to have your own piece made by Mourphine, stop by her commission page. Backstory Behind the Piece […]

A Personality-Packed Pet Portrait

Dog portraits - Pet Portrait of Four Dogs by Feralkith Before and After via ArtCorgi

Feralkith recently finished this commission featuring four dogs for Amy and we love how each dog’s personality shines through. Amy’s dogs are adorable and we love how the portrait came out. To commission a pet portrait of your own in this style, visit Feralkith’s commission page. Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Amy ArtCorgi […]

A Fun Portrait of Sarah and Her Birds

Portrait of a Girl wtih Chickens and a Duck Before and After by Eboncloud via ArtCorgi

We love getting pet portrait commission orders, and this commission in particular stood out to us because it is not every day that our artists have the opportunity to illustrate beautiful chickens and ducks! Sarah, our super fun client and the purple-haired woman in the illustration, decided to work with Eboncloud for this project. You […]

A DC Family Portrait

Cartoon Portrait of Michael Ben and Toby in DC by Nell Fallcard via ArtCorgi

Nell Fallcard has done it again! This charming portrait of Michael, Ben, and Toby in Washington DC is going to look awesome on a wall. To commission art of your own in this style, check out Nell Fallcard’s Cartoon Illustration commission page. Backstory Behind the Commission ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this piece? […]