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Crystal’s Whimsical YouTube Portrait

ArtCorgi Commission for Crystal by AruRmz Before and After

Crystal commissioned this anime-style portrait from AruRmz for her YouTube channel, which we recommend checking out! Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Crystal ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Crystal (C): I wanted to commission this art for my gaming channel so people could see who I am and my personality. Part […]

Julian’s Awesome Spiderman Portrait

Julian as Spiderman Before and After by AruRmz via ArtCorgi

We love it when people commission portraits of themselves in costume, as is the case with this Spiderman-inspired portrait commissioned from AruRmz in her signature anime style. Why be drawn in everyday clothes when you can be drawn wearing anything your heart desires? Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Julian ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired […]

A Sweet Family Portrait

Portrait of the Klawuhn family Before and After by AruRmz via ArtCorgi - Blue Shadow

This family portrait Chris commissioned from AruRmz makes our day. Isn’t it fun? He decided a group illustration would make for a fun holiday gift, and we have to agree. Props on being so prepared and sussing out winter gifts in early November! To commission an illustration of your own from AruRmz, stop by her […]

A Family Portrait Featuring Avid Golfers

Portrait by AruRmz

When Kel came to us for a family portrait, she presented us with a bunch of potential background ideas. Her artist, AruRuz, ultimately settled on a golf course, as the family is comprised of avid golfers. The resulting illustration offers a nice look at not only a charming family, but one of their cool pastimes, […]