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Looking to commission Pets & Animals paintings?

Let’s get a portrait of our adorable pets and favorite animals! If you absolutely love your dog, cat, bird, hamster, tortoise, bunny, etc. you’re in the right place!

Below you’ll find our most talented pet artists that are eagerly waiting to bring your furbabes to life! Peruse the options below and commission an artist to create the perfect pet portrait that you’ll cherish for years to come.

You can commission a realistic pet portrait, or a rainbow portrait of your dog! Or you can have a fun illustration of your cat dressed up in a Victorian gown, fun no?

Or have a fantasy pet portrait with your pet wearing armor and wielding a sword! That’s sure to be a conversation starter whenever you have someone over at home!

However you imagine your pet portrait to look like, our talented artists can make it a reality! Commission your own pets & animals portrait now!