A Beautiful Portrait of Jimmy’s Wife


Isn’t this a lovely portrait of Jimmy’s wife? Shobey1kanoby did the art in her realistic digital painting style. We don’t often get realistic portrait commissions, so we had a blast seeing the piece come together.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Jimmy

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this portrait of your wife?

Jimmy (J): I always liked classical portraits, and i wanted to give one to my wife, thats when i stared to search the internet for places to order online portraits.

AC: What drew you to Shobey1kanoby’s realistic style over other artists’ more stylized options?

J: I wanted a more classical look. I thought her style was classical, but with a little modern twist that was right up my alley.

AC: What advice would you give to someone who is commissioning art for the first time?

J: Select a reference-photo that displays the key features you want to art to reflect, and just do it.
It´s very good value for money.