A D&D surprise gift painting that would make any Dungeon Master happy!

A D&D surprise gift painting that would make any Dungeon Master happy

​Sandra and her friends commissioned the most amazing D&D artwork as a gift to their Dungeon Master and we couldn't love it more! 

​They chose Gabrielle Ragusi's Fantasy / Surreal Illustrations for their commission and it's really easy to see they chose wisely! Gabrielle's realistic style makes the artwork look like official art. Splendid!

​I had a chance to talk to Sandra about the piece and what drove them to commission it from Gabrielle. Keep reading to learn more!

Hi, Sandra! Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself and your D&D group?

​I am a D&D loving Swede playing in a group that’s been running the same Campaign for 2,5 years now. We are an international group playing through Roll20 and Discord, and we hail from Sweden, England, Ireland, US and Australia.

We’ve gone from random people just playing a game together to a group of friends who’s looking forward to hang out every Saturday. Love these people!

​How did you come up with the idea to commission a piece of art featuring your group's D&D characters?

​We were thinking about doing some kind of celebration/tribute for the end of our D&D campaign, which right now is approaching the final sessions after 2,5 years.

I’m following several social media accounts related to D&D and have seen so many nice artworks from awesome artists. So I suggested to the group that we should do the same.

We’re so invested in our characters by now that seeing them come to life is such a cool thing!

​What made you choose ArtCorgi for your piece? How did you go about choosing an artist?

​We were at first looking around for artists by ourselves, making a spreadsheet where we all filled in artists we liked. We ended up with a list of almost 30 artists, and coordinating everyone to look through the list and give their opinions was a hassle.

Someone of us found ArtCorgi as we were looking around, and after looking through the website we realized this was just what we needed to reduce the workload on us.

We all looked through the artists presented on the site and quickly fell for Gabrielle Ragusi and her style of art. To make it even more comfortable for us, we cho​se the Royal commission plan and had excellent contact with ArtCorgi through the whole process.

How was your experience working with ​Gabrielle Ragusi​​​​ through ArtCorgi?

​We commissioned a huge piece – 8 characters in total, in a scene. The communication through ArtCorgi was super smooth and we almost always got an answer the same day, even on weekends.

We had to extend the deadline a couple of times which we didn’t mind, and when it was needed the communication was always quick and upfront. Gabrielle nailed so many details about the characters from our descriptions of them and we are incredibly happy with the result! 

​How did you go about giving the gift to your Dungeon Master? How did he react?

​We all gathered up in a video chat as we were starting our regular game and told him how much we appreciate the game and what it’s meant for us during these years.

We then sent it over to him and held a small speech telling him how much he and the game means to us. His reaction was just as good as we hoped!

​That is so sweet! Thank you for letting us get to know more about you and your original D&D artwork, Sandra!

​Want to follow in their footsteps and commission an artwork of your own? Click the button below to check out our available artists and styles!

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