Our Quality Standards

When you order a commission based on an artist’s specific sample, you can expect to receive art in return featuring:

  • The subject(s) you provided in the form of reference photos (so long as they are in line with the subject(s) that are permitted alongside that sample)
  • Work in the style of the sample you selected
  • Work featuring detail and quality equivalent to the sample you selected

If you commissioned a piece through our site that does not meet these standards (special requests, which leave the bounds of our control, do not count), please let us know within 48 hours by filling out this form.

We will run your order by a panel of artists within our network. These artists have a stake in our site’s reputation, but not our general profits (or those of the artist in question). If they agree that your work does not meet our standards, and if you submitted your dispute within 48 hours of receiving your final work, you will receive a full refund and the artist who created your commission will be asked to leave our network.