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Adam’s heartwarming portrait gift for his wife by Lucia Garcia


  Adam commissioned a helplessly romantic portrait as a gift to his wife, to show her just how much he cherishes her and their relationship. Isn’t that sweet?! He chose Lucia Garcia’s Painterly Anime Illustrations for his project and the results left him and his wife lost for words! Read below to learn more about […]

Two Adorable Portraits by Vince Ruz

Sister Portrait Commission Sample by Vince Ruz on ArtCorgi

Vince Ruz illustrated these two charming commissions for a client and we love how they came out! While the vast majority of ArtCorgi commissions are of adults, some of our most fun portraits are of children. We personally love the idea of illustrated portraits of children not just because they enable one to depict a […]

Fun Halloween Idea: Dress Up Your Social Media Portraits!

Rick and Morty Simone and Malcolm Collins by Cristian Avendaño on ArtCorgi Before and After

Earlier this year, I commissioned this Rick & Morty-inspired portrait from Cristian Avendaño. Now that Halloween is approaching, I think I might switch my Facebook profile over to it— if we dress up for the holiday IRL, why not do the same online? ;) Most of the commission orders that come through ArtCorgi are gifts, […]

Caitlin’s Cute Family Portrait by Elisa Moriconi

ArtCorgi Commission by Elisa Moriconi

Elisa Moriconi brought a dispersed family together with this adorable commission, which she did in her cute portrait style. Backstory Behind the Piece ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Caitlin (C): I decided to commission a piece because I’m often traveling from country to country, so family pictures of us all together […]

Blacksmiley’s Color Comic-Style Space Couple.

ArtCorgi Color Comic Commission by Blacksmiley

This couple portrait, commissioned by an anonymous-but-awesome commissioner from Blacksmiley (in her color comic style) tickles us pink. We love the retrofuturistic style! Backstory Behind the Piece ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Anonymous (A): I commissioned this piece as a surprise gift for my husband to commemorate moving into a new […]

A Portrait of Thomas by Crespella

ArtCorgi Commission by Crespella

Here’s a fun portrait of Thomas by Crespella, done in her popular sketch portrait style! Backstory Behind the Piece ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Thomas (T): I was inspired when I saw a friend of mine on Facebook post an awesome commission from ArtCorgi as his profile picture. I’ve used ArtCorgi […]

A Scott-Pilgrim-Inspired Wedding Poster

Scott Pilgrim Inspired Commission by Fleur Sciortino

Today happens to be a very special day for ArtCorgi client Elliott— he is getting married, and he commissioned this poster for his wedding! With a style reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim comics, it has lots of personal details woven in. Fleur Sciortino did the art in her Scott Pilgrim-inspired comic book style. We’re crazy about […]