A Whimsical Author Portrait

Portrait of a Romance Author Before and After by Angeline Roussel via ArtCorgi

C.J. Harwin, a debuting romance novelist, commissioned THE BEST author portrait from Angeline Roussel! We’re crazy about the piece’s whimsical composition (that, rather than posing in a straightforward manner, C.J. is pictured peeking over her book) and that the the book in the foreground is sporting a majestic narwal on its cover.

To commission a portrait of your own in this style, visit Angeline Roussel’s Stylized Characters commission page.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Angeline Roussel

ArtCorgi (AC): For how long have you been a writer? What got you started?

C.J. Harwin (CJ): The thing that got me started writing was being an avid bookworm as a child. I would read anything and everything — from Tolkien to James Bond books to odd Martian space odysseys. The first things I wrote were adventure tales in middle school. I had a major crush on the “choose your own adventure” stories that gave you options of how you wanted to continue the story. I made my own version of those in spiral notebooks. I kept writing for my own personal enjoyment until law school, which iced my desire to write for a while. But, my muse wouldn’t let me stop, so I took up the pen and have been writing ever since.

AC: What inspired this author portrait and its unique premise, with your face peeking over a book?

CJ: Mainly, I just liked the idea of mystery and whimsy the image creates. Like most of my ideas, I was likely in the shower or almost asleep when it hit me. I credit Angeline Roussel for making the idea come to life. She did an amazing job and really captured what I wanted.

AC: Where can interested potential readers find more information about your books?

CJ: My debut novel, tentatively titled “Kiss of the Incubus” is slated to be released with publisher Loose Id in June. It chronicles the life and love of Lilah, a warrior in the service of the goddess Diana, and Roth, an immortal cursed by the soul of an incubus. It’s steamy, good fun. Follow me on Twitter @cjharwin.