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A Mother Shares Her Love of Pokemon with Her Children

ArtCorgi Commission for Monica Before and After by ArtCorgi

A while back, Monica received the gift of an ArtCorgi portrait featuring her with her favorite Pokemon Evee. Her son and daughter, Anthony and Angela, loved the piece, so Monica commissioned a portrait (by the same artist, Lucía García) of the two with their favorite Pokemon. We love how it came out! Backstory Behind the […]

An Unforgettable Portrait for a Star Wars Fan

Star Wars Inspired Portrait of a Sith Woman by Kim Sokol via ArtCorgi

As unabashed Star Wars fans and suckers for awesome gifts, we could not help but go wild for this art commissioned by Justin Hall from Kim Sokol. Going for a modified version of Kim’s digital portraits style, Justin requested a Star Wars-inspired portrait of his girlfriend Dora and we like to think the result does […]

Josh’s Beautiful Marriage Proposal Art

The Proposal Before and After by Sumi via ArtCorgi

Determined to make his marriage proposal to Lindsay, his girlfriend of three years, utterly unforgettable, Josh commissioned two illustrations from Sumi to incorporate into the romantic gesture. The illustration to the right depicts Josh’s first date with his now-fiancée, the commission above features his proposal to her. Josh came to us well before the proposal with information about […]

Another Artistic Romantic Gesture from Timothy

Cute Couple by Fleir Sciortino Before and After via ArtCorgi

Two days ago, we shared two portraits Timothy commissioned from Blacksmiley as a romantic gesture for his girlfriend. Guess what- he didn’t stop there! In addition to commissioning those two black and white comic-style social media portraits, he commissioned this sweet couple portrait from Fleur Sciortino. We love how the comic and cartoon styles bring […]

His and Hers Comic-Style Portraits

Comic Portrait of Jennifer Before and After by Blacksmiley via ArtCorgi

Timothy commissioned these two fun comic portraits for himself and his girlfriend from Blacksmiley. As popular as her black and white comic portrait style is, this is the first time someone has chosen to commission a set of them, and we love the effect. His and hers social media portraits! Backstory Behind the Piece – […]

A Romantic Portrait Wedding Gift

Wedding Portrait Gift by Shobey1kanoby Before and After via ArtCorgi

Many of the romantic commission orders we receive are for wedding gifts, which we love! A one-of-a-kind portrait is certainly more memorable to a new couple than a set of towels, right? Chloe commissioned this piece for Ben from Shobey1kanoby, and we love how the realistic painted portrait came out. To commission a portrait of […]

A Killer Valentine’s Day Gift Featuring a Dragon-Like Dog

Valentines Day Portrait Gift Before and After by Denitsa via ArtCorgi

So far as we are concerned, Nick won at Valentine’s Day. To surprise his girlfriend Julie, he commissioned this super fun portrait of the two of them with their dog Gypsy. What makes the portrait extra special is that it is inspired by How to Train Your Dragon. Gypsy makes for a great Toothless stand […]

An Adorable Portrait of a Boy with a Snake

Cartoon Portrait of a Boy with a Snake Before and After by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

Matt recently commissioned this portrait of his son by Mourphine and we can’t help but smile every time we see it! The piece was made in Mourphine’s sketch illustration style. Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Matt ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to have art commissioned of your son? Matt (M): I have been very […]

Portrait of a Texas A&M Couple

Texas AM Couple Portrait Before and After by Elisa Moriconi

Colleen came to us earlier this autumn to have help commissioning a fun, Texas A&M-themed couple portrait to give to her boyfriend on their anniversary, which happened last week. We love how the piece came out, and that it features so many fun Texas A&M traditions. It was hard not to become enchanted by them […]

A Cute Cartoon Couple Portrait

Couple Portrait of Ashleigh and Bernie by Lili Ribeira via ArtCorgi Before and After

One of the most playful commission orders we have received lately came in from Ashleigh, who had Lili Ribeira digitally paint a portrait of her and her boyfriend Bernie that she presented to Bernie on his birthday. She is even getting each full body portrait printed on one side of a body pillow case, which […]