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Julie Gave Her Husband the Ultimate Birthday Portrait

Epic Dog Portrait by Bloodyman88 on ArtCorgi

Bloodyman88’s latest epic pet portrait is in. I think it’s fair to say the piece speaks for itself! :D Julie commissioned it as an unforgettable birthday gift for her husband. Well played, Julie. Well played. To see more of these epic portraits, check out Bloodyman88’s commission page. Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Julie ArtCorgi […]

We Love This Portrait of a Woman with Giant Armored Cats

Woman with giant armored cats

So far as gifts for friends go, we think this portrait Jeremy commissioned of his friend with her two cats takes the cake. What an epic piece! Of course, we expect nothing less from Bloodyman88 (the artistic powerhouse behind this piece), who has become the de facto artist-who-paints-clients-with-giant-armored-animals option on our site. We are glad […]

An Adorable Pet Portrait for Emily

Emily ArtCorgi Commission Before and After by Seni Oyewole

Human portraits are fun, but we cannot help but become particularly excited whenever someone approaches us about pet portraits. They are just so dreadfully fun! Take this simple pet portrait Emily commissioned from Seni Oyewole in his signature Wacom sketch style. Adorable! We encourage you to keep pet portraits in mind as the holidays approach— […]

The Perfect Pet Portrait Birthday Present

Studio Catawampus ArtCorgi Commission Before and After for Jamie

Jamie and her sister commissioned this pet portrait from Studio Catawampus as a birthday gift for their mother. Isn’t it charming? Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A With Jamie ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Jamie (J): My sister and I wanted to create something that was personal, fun, and meaningful for our […]

Fun Portrait of a Man and His Sidekick Cat

ArtCorgi Commission for Jake by Mourphine

Isn’t this portrait the best? Jake commissioned from Mourphine (in her Simple Cartoon style) for his friend Justin and we understand it went over quite well! Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Jake ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Jake (J): I always thought it would be a super cool idea as […]

A Killer Valentine’s Day Gift Featuring a Dragon-Like Dog

Valentines Day Portrait Gift Before and After by Denitsa via ArtCorgi

So far as we are concerned, Nick won at Valentine’s Day. To surprise his girlfriend Julie, he commissioned this super fun portrait of the two of them with their dog Gypsy. What makes the portrait extra special is that it is inspired by How to Train Your Dragon. Gypsy makes for a great Toothless stand […]

Adventure Portraits with JD and Gabriel

JD, a fan of two fabulous things- Adventure Time and his cat Gabriel- decided to combine the two in this fantastic set of portraits by Skitsskat. We love them! JD has been watching and enjoying Adventure Time since it first came out and all the while has been going on adventures of his own with […]

An Epic Pet Portrait by Clay Graham

Mav and Jazz Escaping the Bacon Factory- Before and After - Pet Portrait by Clay Graham via ArtCorgi

When we got a commission order in from Martin, we knew it was going to result in an awesome piece of art. Not only was Martin getting a pet portrait, but his dogs, Maverick and Jasmine, look fantastic and have even better personalities. Martin decided to have them drawn in Clay Graham’s comic style as […]

A Fun Portrait of Sarah and Her Birds

Portrait of a Girl wtih Chickens and a Duck Before and After by Eboncloud via ArtCorgi

We love getting pet portrait commission orders, and this commission in particular stood out to us because it is not every day that our artists have the opportunity to illustrate beautiful chickens and ducks! Sarah, our super fun client and the purple-haired woman in the illustration, decided to work with Eboncloud for this project. You […]