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Charming Christmas Presents for Two Beautiful Granddaughters

Portrait of a Granddaughter in Fire Orange by Crespella via ArtCorgi

When Peg ordered two portraits of her granddaughters from us in preparation for this year’s holiday season, I realized I needed to up my game! Talk about being prepared! I love how these portraits, drawn by Crespella in her signature sketch portrait style, came out. I hope each granddaughter likes her portrait as much as […]

An Unforgettable Birthday Present

Painting of Warriors Riding War Dogs Across the Landscape by Bloodyman88 via ArtCorgi

This commission, created by Bloodyman88, is meant as a birthday gift from a man (pictured riding the black Newfoundland) to his girlfriend (pictured riding the corgi). Isn’t it fun?? Beats the heck out of a bottle of perfume in our opinion. ;) To commission work of your own by Bloodyman88, swing by his character design […]

A Sweet Birthday Portrait for a Soon-to-Be-Mother

Happy Birthday from Ghina by Nell Fallcard

Nell Fallcard has been creating some awesome art for ArtCorgi clients lately, and this piece, done in her cartooney style, is one of my favorites! Commissioned by Ghina as a birthday present for a friend of hers who recently discovered she will be having a baby, this piece is sweet, genuine, and fun. Ghina was […]