A Cute Cartoon Couple Portrait

Couple Portrait of Ashleigh and Bernie by Lili Ribeira via ArtCorgi Before and After

One of the most playful commission orders we have received lately came in from Ashleigh, who had Lili Ribeira digitally paint a portrait of her and her boyfriend Bernie that she presented to Bernie on his birthday. She is even getting each full body portrait printed on one side of a body pillow case, which will look both hilarious and awesome!

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Ashleigh

ArtCorgi (AC): How did you and your boyfriend meet?

Ashleigh (A): Bernie and I met at Firefly, a music festival in Delaware, a couple summers ago. We were both volunteering there and ended up at the same booth together. There were about thirty people there, but Bernie was the only other person with enough courage and love for EDM to bust a move to Calvin Harris, who was playing on the stage right in front of us. When we finally had some down time, I went over to him, struck up a conversation, and the rest is history!

AC: What inspired you to commission illustrations for a body pillow?

A: I saw a post on reddit about your body pillows and thought it would make a super cute birthday present. He’s sad that I’m traveling for a moot court competition soon, but now he has a substitute cuddle buddy for the nights that I’m away. :)

Have you commissioned art before? What advice would you give to a first time art commissioner?

A: This was my first time commissioning art. The process was so simple that I can’t think of any advice for a first time art commissioner, other than “go for it!”