Portrait of a Texas A&M Couple

Texas AM Couple Portrait Before and After by Elisa Moriconi

Colleen came to us earlier this autumn to have help commissioning a fun, Texas A&M-themed couple portrait to give to her boyfriend on their anniversary, which happened last week. We love how the piece came out, and that it features so many fun Texas A&M traditions. It was hard not to become enchanted by them as Colleen described them to us and her artist, Elisa Moriconi.

To commission your own work of custom art in this style from Elisa Moriconi, visit her Cute Comics commission page.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Colleen

ArtCorgi: What inspired you to commission this piece?

Colleen: I was inspired to commission this piece because I wanted to get something for my boyfriend that was unique- something I knew that he would enjoy for a long time. I wanted to get the portrait done by an artist who really wanted to show off their work, not someone who was just in it for the money. Thank god artcorgi.com is so authentic and genuine with their artists!

ArtCorgi: What is your favorite Texas A&M tradition?

Colleen: My favorite Texas A&M tradition?.,..whew that’s a big question! I would have to say Aggie Muster. On April 21st each year, Aggies from all over the world come together to honor those Aggies which have died during that past year. There is a big ceremony in College Station where thousands of people (literally) come to pay respects to those who were lost and their families. When a name of a lost one is called, the friends and family of that person stand and say “Here”, to symbolize the fact that although their loved one is gone, they are never forgotten. Aggie muster happens on this day all around the world. Were there are two Aggies, there can be Muster!

ArtCorgi: Why do you think Texas A&M has succeeded in keeping so many fun traditions alive while other universities have lost them?

Colleen: I think A&M has been so successful in keeping traditions because these traditions were instilled in the university hundreds of years ago. Back when A&M was an all-male military institution, many traditions were around just to keep a sense of honor and respect. We have a saying here at Texas A&M, “If you do it more than twice, it’s a tradition!”. Thus, we have MANY traditions, something for everyone to enjoy!