Josh’s Beautiful Marriage Proposal Art

The Proposal Before and After by Sumi via ArtCorgi

The First Date Before and After by Sumi via ArtCorgiDetermined to make his marriage proposal to Lindsay, his girlfriend of three years, utterly unforgettable, Josh commissioned two illustrations from Sumi to incorporate into the romantic gesture.

The illustration to the right depicts Josh’s first date with his now-fiancée, the commission above features his proposal to her. Josh came to us well before the proposal with information about the place where he planned to pop the question, so Sumi had everything she needed to capture the scene well before it took place.

Should you like to commission art of your own in this style, stop by Sumi’s mixed media commissions page.

Backstory Behind the Pieces – Q&A with Josh

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to incorporate art into your marriage proposal?

Josh (J): I wanted something timeless that every time we look at it, we got brought back to that day. I also wanted to something unique, so that she would never forget that day. :)

AC: How did you come to choose the premise of each piece?

J: I chose the first date because it was the start of a three year journey that Lindsay and I have been on. It was a fun date, with her and I trying to learn to use chopsticks at Dragon Kings Daughter all the way to walking 5 miles after just talking and getting to know each other better; a day I’ll never forget.

I’ll be proposing with both pieces. When she gets to the park where I’ll be doing it I’ll be showing her the first date art piece first and talk about the beginning and how far we’ve come. She’ll then get to see the second piece, the proposal, which shows me confirming my love and devotion to her for the rest of our lives. The two biggest points in our relationship thus far.

AC: What advice would you give to someone else who is interested in commissioning some art as part of a romantic gesture?

J: Don’t plan every detail! Especially for the proposal piece, I wanted the artist to take liberties and portray a magical moment and that’s exactly what I received. These artists know what they are doing, and exceeded my expectations by far.