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Jocelyn’s magical proposal artwork by Fleur Sciortino


ArtCorgi was born after our founder and Corgi Lord, Malcolm, commissioned multiple works of art to propose to (now wife and Corgi Lady) Simone. So when we have the pleasure to help others use custom art in their proposals to make them even more memorable, we’re over the moon! Jocelyn commissioned a piece of art […]

A Scott-Pilgrim-Inspired Wedding Poster

Scott Pilgrim Inspired Commission by Fleur Sciortino

Today happens to be a very special day for ArtCorgi client Elliott— he is getting married, and he commissioned this poster for his wedding! With a style reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim comics, it has lots of personal details woven in. Fleur Sciortino did the art in her Scott Pilgrim-inspired comic book style. We’re crazy about […]

An Illustrated Going Away Present

ArtCorgi Commission by Fleur Sciortino Before and After via ArtCorgi

When a good friend leaves town for school or a new job, our typical response— if we are really on our game, is to get them a nice card. Ciaran left us in the good friendship dust, however, by creating card that features an original, illustrated scene! Fleur Sciortino created the art. You can learn […]

Another Artistic Romantic Gesture from Timothy

Cute Couple by Fleir Sciortino Before and After via ArtCorgi

Two days ago, we shared two portraits Timothy commissioned from Blacksmiley as a romantic gesture for his girlfriend. Guess what- he didn’t stop there! In addition to commissioning those two black and white comic-style social media portraits, he commissioned this sweet couple portrait from Fleur Sciortino. We love how the comic and cartoon styles bring […]