We Love This Portrait of a Woman with Giant Armored Cats

Woman with giant armored cats

So far as gifts for friends go, we think this portrait Jeremy commissioned of his friend with her two cats takes the cake. What an epic piece! Of course, we expect nothing less from Bloodyman88 (the artistic powerhouse behind this piece), who has become the de facto artist-who-paints-clients-with-giant-armored-animals option on our site. We are glad […]

Eddie’s Marriage Proposal Commission

ArtCorgi Commission Before and After

At ArtCorgi we never lose hope that love and happiness will always conquer evil and despair. Why? Because we constantly receive marriage proposal commission orders, such as this lovely piece commissioned by Eddie, that renew our confidence in the human race. Eddie commissioned this piece by Lucía García (in her anime bust portrait style) to […]

A Charming Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait of a Dog by Bloodyman88

Because most of the art commissioned through our site has a decidedly modern and digital feel, commissions such as this, which have a more analog and traditional feel, really stand out. We are positively charmed by this pet portrait Pamela ordered from Feralkith and hope Pamela’s adorable dog approves of the likeness. :) You can […]

A Thoughtful Portrait Gift for a Sister

ArtCorgi Commission Before and After

Most of the gift-related commission orders we receive are for husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends, so this commission Abie ordered for her sister (as a holiday gift) stands out! Abie had Lucía García illustrate her in her anime bust portrait style. Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Abie ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission […]

An Epic CEO Portrait Celebrating an Ad Agency’s 15th Anniversary

Bloodyman88 ArtCorgi Commission Before and After for Dennis

Several weeks back, Ben and one of his colleagues at the digital ad agency Custom Media Labs reached out to us about commissioning a piece to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the firm’s CEO, Manos Sifakis. The resulting portrait by Bloodyman88 in his classic Character Design style is certainly unforgettable! Backstory Behind the […]

An Adorable Cat Portrait by Felined

ArtCorgi Cat Commission Before and After by Felined

Many pets seem to have more personality than the average human, and the cats featured in this recent portrait by Felined are no exception! We love how Felined has taken these feisty felines and turned them into a fun illustration. Should you like Felined to draw colorful cats in your own life, check out his […]

Melissa’s Romantic Anniversary Portrait

Lucia Garcia ArtCorgi Commission Before and after for Melissa

Lucía García’s anime bust portrait commission style may be popular for social media avatars, however this lovely commission for Melissa shows it works splendidly for couple portraits as well. We are happy to see the style becoming so popular! Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A With Melissa ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? […]

An Adorable Pet Portrait for Emily

Emily ArtCorgi Commission Before and After by Seni Oyewole

Human portraits are fun, but we cannot help but become particularly excited whenever someone approaches us about pet portraits. They are just so dreadfully fun! Take this simple pet portrait Emily commissioned from Seni Oyewole in his signature Wacom sketch style. Adorable! We encourage you to keep pet portraits in mind as the holidays approach— […]

Tiffany’s Custom Bunny Christmas Card

Bunny Christmas Card by Feralkith Before and After

With the holiday season right around the corner, ArtCorgi has been receiving loads of delightful Christmas orders, Tiffany’s brilliant bunny Christmas card among them. We love the idea of having custom art made for a holiday card— now we are keen do to the same thing ourselves! Feralkith did the art. You can order work […]