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Tiffany’s Custom Bunny Christmas Card

Bunny Christmas Card by Feralkith Before and After

With the holiday season right around the corner, ArtCorgi has been receiving loads of delightful Christmas orders, Tiffany’s brilliant bunny Christmas card among them. We love the idea of having custom art made for a holiday card— now we are keen do to the same thing ourselves! Feralkith did the art. You can order work […]

A Custom Christmas Portrait by TheMeeDes

Christmas Simone and ArtCorgi Corgi with Santas Sleigh Before and After by TheMeeDes via ArtCorgi

I got an early Christmas surprise this week! TheMeeDes debuted a new, full body portrait style and created a sample image featuring me in Santa’s sleigh, led by a giant ArtCorgi corgi. :D Needless to say, I adore it. You can commission a special illustration of your own in this style by visiting TheMeeDes’ full […]

Charming Christmas Presents for Two Beautiful Granddaughters

Portrait of a Granddaughter in Fire Orange by Crespella via ArtCorgi

When Peg ordered two portraits of her granddaughters from us in preparation for this year’s holiday season, I realized I needed to up my game! Talk about being prepared! I love how these portraits, drawn by Crespella in her signature sketch portrait style, came out. I hope each granddaughter likes her portrait as much as […]