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Seamus and the Incredible Rhino Commission

Commission by Bloodyman88

Seamus really hit it out of the park with this piece he commissioned from Bloodyman88! Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Seamus (S): It was an anniversary present for my wife (and for me). I wanted to do something completely different. AC: How did you go […]

Julie Gave Her Husband the Ultimate Birthday Portrait

Epic Dog Portrait by Bloodyman88 on ArtCorgi

Bloodyman88’s latest epic pet portrait is in. I think it’s fair to say the piece speaks for itself! :D Julie commissioned it as an unforgettable birthday gift for her husband. Well played, Julie. Well played. To see more of these epic portraits, check out Bloodyman88’s commission page. Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Julie ArtCorgi […]

We Love This Portrait of a Woman with Giant Armored Cats

Woman with giant armored cats

So far as gifts for friends go, we think this portrait Jeremy commissioned of his friend with her two cats takes the cake. What an epic piece! Of course, we expect nothing less from Bloodyman88 (the artistic powerhouse behind this piece), who has become the de facto artist-who-paints-clients-with-giant-armored-animals option on our site. We are glad […]

An Epic CEO Portrait Celebrating an Ad Agency’s 15th Anniversary

Bloodyman88 ArtCorgi Commission Before and After for Dennis

Several weeks back, Ben and one of his colleagues at the digital ad agency Custom Media Labs reached out to us about commissioning a piece to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the firm’s CEO, Manos Sifakis. The resulting portrait by Bloodyman88 in his classic Character Design style is certainly unforgettable! Backstory Behind the […]

The Perfect Birthday Gift for A Beatles Fan

The Birthday Commission by Bloodyman88 via ArtCorgi

Sometimes people commission art gifts on ArtCorgi that make us realize we SERIOUSLY up our birthday gifting game. The commission above, which Igor ordered from Bloodyman88 as a birthday gift for his father, serves as an excellent case in point. Can you imagine getting a portrait of your younger self, your son, and your dog […]

Portrait of a Super Mom

Super Mom by Bloodyman88 Before and After via ArtCorgi

Bloodyman88 is known for creating epic battle scenes, but his family portraits are just as cool! Check out this piece commissioned by an anonymous client (we’ll call him John Doe) as a gift to an awesome mother. Puts more traditional family portraits to shame, no? To commission an unforgettable family portrait of your own from […]

An Epic Adventure of a Family Portrait

Epic Fantasy Family Portrait Before and After by Bloodyman88 via ArtCorgi

We’re absolutely crazy about this commission Monty had made for his family. He chose Bloodyman88’s character designs for the piece and sent over fantastic, detailed, and carefully considered direction for Bloodyman88 to work with. The result is brilliant, no? Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Monty ArtCorgi (AC): Does your family have a history […]

An Unforgettable Birthday Present

Painting of Warriors Riding War Dogs Across the Landscape by Bloodyman88 via ArtCorgi

This commission, created by Bloodyman88, is meant as a birthday gift from a man (pictured riding the black Newfoundland) to his girlfriend (pictured riding the corgi). Isn’t it fun?? Beats the heck out of a bottle of perfume in our opinion. ;) To commission work of your own by Bloodyman88, swing by his character design […]

An Assassin’s Creed-Inspired Portrait

Carlo the Assassin by Bloodyman88 on ArtCorgi

We are perpetual fans of badass portraits, pieces featuring pets, and videogame-inspired art. This Assassin’s Creed-inspired piece commissioned by Carlo from our talented artist Bloodyman88 hits all three categories at once. Isn’t it cool? You can commission art of your own in this style on Bloodyman88’s character design commission page. Congrats on the fantastic commission, […]