An Epic CEO Portrait Celebrating an Ad Agency’s 15th Anniversary

Bloodyman88 ArtCorgi Commission Before and After for Dennis

Several weeks back, Ben and one of his colleagues at the digital ad agency Custom Media Labs reached out to us about commissioning a piece to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the firm’s CEO, Manos Sifakis. The resulting portrait by Bloodyman88 in his classic Character Design style is certainly unforgettable!

Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A With Ben

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art?

Ben (B): Inspiration? Our digital ad agency is celebrating 15 years of digital domination and we have nobody to thank more than our President and CEO Manos Sifakis. This piece is illustration of his tireless work ethic and endless imagination. It will be presented to him at the celebration event.

AC: Did anything in particular influence the premise of the piece?

B: Influence? The piece was heavily influenced by the thinking of our agency. Manos challenges our team to think larger than the companies, industries, and geographic regions we serve. He would rather us strive for intergalactic domination. This is the foundation for our 15 year anniversary party that is themed “interstellar domination”. The piece perfectly captures the creativity of the past 15 years and limitless potential for the next 15….oh and it does a pretty good job of illustrating Manos’ intergalactic obsession too ????.