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A Charming Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait of a Dog by Bloodyman88

Because most of the art commissioned through our site has a decidedly modern and digital feel, commissions such as this, which have a more analog and traditional feel, really stand out. We are positively charmed by this pet portrait Pamela ordered from Feralkith and hope Pamela’s adorable dog approves of the likeness. :) You can […]

A Personality-Packed Pet Portrait

Dog portraits - Pet Portrait of Four Dogs by Feralkith Before and After via ArtCorgi

Feralkith recently finished this commission featuring four dogs for Amy and we love how each dog’s personality shines through. Amy’s dogs are adorable and we love how the portrait came out. To commission a pet portrait of your own in this style, visit Feralkith’s commission page. Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Amy ArtCorgi […]

An Epic Pet Portrait by Clay Graham

Mav and Jazz Escaping the Bacon Factory- Before and After - Pet Portrait by Clay Graham via ArtCorgi

When we got a commission order in from Martin, we knew it was going to result in an awesome piece of art. Not only was Martin getting a pet portrait, but his dogs, Maverick and Jasmine, look fantastic and have even better personalities. Martin decided to have them drawn in Clay Graham’s comic style as […]