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We Love This Portrait of a Woman with Giant Armored Cats

Woman with giant armored cats

So far as gifts for friends go, we think this portrait Jeremy commissioned of his friend with her two cats takes the cake. What an epic piece! Of course, we expect nothing less from Bloodyman88 (the artistic powerhouse behind this piece), who has become the de facto artist-who-paints-clients-with-giant-armored-animals option on our site. We are glad […]

An Adorable Cat Portrait by Felined

ArtCorgi Cat Commission Before and After by Felined

Many pets seem to have more personality than the average human, and the cats featured in this recent portrait by Felined are no exception! We love how Felined has taken these feisty felines and turned them into a fun illustration. Should you like Felined to draw colorful cats in your own life, check out his […]

A Fun Cat Portrait of Boots & Blaze

Commission art sample Boots and Blaze Before and After by Felined via ArtCorgi

With November suddenly upon us, we found ourselves looking back at art commissioned earlier in the summer. We love this pet portrait that Andrew commissioned of his two cats, Boots and Blaze, from our talented cat-centric artist Felined. You can see how Felined playfully brought across the cats’ imperial and jocular personalities! Should you like […]