Adam’s heartwarming portrait gift for his wife by Lucia Garcia



Adam commissioned a helplessly romantic portrait as a gift to his wife, to show her just how much he cherishes her and their relationship. Isn’t that sweet?! He chose Lucia Garcia’s Painterly Anime Illustrations for his project and the results left him and his wife lost for words! Read below to learn more about Adam and his precious gift to his wife!

1. What inspired you to commission this art?

Adam: The main thing that inspired me to commission this art is that I wanted my wife to know that I cared about our time together. We got married very young (Me 21 and her 19) and as such we never really had a lot of money or time to sit around and enjoy life. We always were working or at school or doing something else to make sure that the rent could be paid the next month and if possible that we could have enough for groceries and such. But despite all of this, at the end of a really tough day we would always be able to sit down and spend time together watching an anime show. We would watch shows together and be able to just sit and enjoy something in the same room as each other.

It’s been almost 4 years now and those memories are a huge part of my relationship with my wife. We’ve laughed and cried at different shows and as such anime holds a very special place in our hearts. So when I found Lucia’s artwork I instantly knew that this was the perfect gift for my wife. A gift that not only looks amazing but one that also simultaneously shows the love we have for each other and the memories we share. That was a huge reason for me commissioning this art and I can definitely say that I was not disappointed or let down in the slightest.


2. How did you go about selecting an artist/style?

Adam: As I mentioned in the above answer it was Lucia’s ability to capture a person’s likelihood and translate that to a more animated style that appealed to me. She took pictures of loving people and managed to put that love into her artwork. The first time I saw the rough draft that was sent to me I was stunned at how Lucia manged to capture the love and the tenderness that my wife and I feel for each other.

As I showed my family and friends the artwork every one of them agreed that Lucia captured my wife and I perfectly. Not only in an artistic sense but also in an emotional sense. It was almost as if Lucia had been a longtime friend and knew us and our relationship and infused that into her artwork.


3. What advice would you give to a friend who is interested in commissioning art for the first time?

Adam: My advice would definitely be to take your time and find the right artist for you. ArtCorgi is amazing in their ability to supply multiple different artworks to people and at first it can seem overwhelming. But don’t rush your decision. When you find the artist whose talent moves you go for that.

Also I’d want to mention that even with the plethora of options available to you through ArtCorgi I never felt out of touch with my project. I was able to receive excellent communication between myself and the artist through Simone. Everything I asked Simone to tell Lucia was delivered to her and the response was also given back to me in a very timely manner.

I’d also say that ArtCorgi is amazing not only for the consumer but also the artists it advoctes. My wife is an artist herself and being able to let someone know that they’ve brought a smile to your face or tears of joy to your life is something that I’m sure means a lot. In my wife’s words “Art isn’t something you do only for yourself, you also paint to bring a little bit of joy into someone’s day”. I believe that ArtCorgi manages to do this excellently by providing aspiring artists the opportunity to bring that joy into someone’s day.


Thank you for choosing ArtCorgi for your romantic gesture, Adam! We’re happy to know your wife and all your friends loved it as much as you did!

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