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A Portrait of Thomas by Crespella

ArtCorgi Commission by Crespella

Here’s a fun portrait of Thomas by Crespella, done in her popular sketch portrait style! Backstory Behind the Piece ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Thomas (T): I was inspired when I saw a friend of mine on Facebook post an awesome commission from ArtCorgi as his profile picture. I’ve used ArtCorgi […]

Madi’s Chic New Illustrated Blogger Portrait

ArtCorgi Commission for Madi by Crespella Before and After

Madi recently commissioned this charming portrait from Crespella as part of her blog’s relaunch. We love the portrait and the blog! To commission a portrait of your own in this style, stop by Crespella’s commission page (she did the art). To see Madi’s blog, visit Madizine.net. Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Madi ArtCorgi (AC): […]

The Perks of an Illustrated Professional Portrait

Stephen Before and After by Crespella via ArtCorgi

Crespella’s sketch portrait style has become quite popular amongst those looking for illustrated alternatives to their default professional portraits, be they for LinkedIn profiles, author portraits, or company websites. Stephen recently commissioned this portrait of himself in the style and we think it came out quite nicely. Below he shares some interesting insights on what […]

A Professional Portrait for LinkedIn

Portrait of Jonathan Before and After of Three Bell Capital by Crespella via ArtCorgi

While we get many orders for Crespella’s bust portraits, this order from Jonathan, the CEO of Three Bell Capital, mixed things up. Rather than pose alone, Jonathan requested to have his company’s logo incorporated into the piece. We love the result! Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A With Jonathan ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to […]

A Fashion Portrait of Lovely

Fashion Portrait of Lovely Grey Before and After by Crespella via ArtCorgi

While Crespella is excellent with professional headshots, she also illustrates elegant fashion portraits, as you can see with this charming piece commissioned by fashion blogger Lovely Grey. To commission a piece of your own in this style, stop by Crespella’s commission page. Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Lovely Grey ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired […]

A Cheerful Professional Headshot

Portrait of Christopher Duel by Crespella via ArtCorgi

We are big fans of illustrated headshots, especially for professional social media profiles, business cards, and company websites. They stand out in a way photos no longer can in this era of smartphones! We are particularly fond of this headshot Crespella made for Chris, as Chris chose ArtCorgi colors for his background. It makes for […]