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Caitlin’s Cute Family Portrait by Elisa Moriconi

ArtCorgi Commission by Elisa Moriconi

Elisa Moriconi brought a dispersed family together with this adorable commission, which she did in her cute portrait style. Backstory Behind the Piece ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art? Caitlin (C): I decided to commission a piece because I’m often traveling from country to country, so family pictures of us all together […]

A Warm and Cozy Family Portrait by Louie Zong

Michelle Gilbert Family by Louie Zong Before and After - ArtCorgi

Family portraits are the best! Though we love it when clients commission family portraits with battle, sci-fi, or fantasy themes, nothing beats some old-fashioned cozy nostalgia, and we think there is plenty of that timeless charm worked into this illustration Michelle commissioned from Louie Zong. Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Michelle ArtCorgi (AC): […]

Portrait of a Super Mom

Super Mom by Bloodyman88 Before and After via ArtCorgi

Bloodyman88 is known for creating epic battle scenes, but his family portraits are just as cool! Check out this piece commissioned by an anonymous client (we’ll call him John Doe) as a gift to an awesome mother. Puts more traditional family portraits to shame, no? To commission an unforgettable family portrait of your own from […]

An Epic Adventure of a Family Portrait

Epic Fantasy Family Portrait Before and After by Bloodyman88 via ArtCorgi

We’re absolutely crazy about this commission Monty had made for his family. He chose Bloodyman88’s character designs for the piece and sent over fantastic, detailed, and carefully considered direction for Bloodyman88 to work with. The result is brilliant, no? Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Monty ArtCorgi (AC): Does your family have a history […]

A Sweet Family Portrait

Portrait of the Klawuhn family Before and After by AruRmz via ArtCorgi - Blue Shadow

This family portrait Chris commissioned from AruRmz makes our day. Isn’t it fun? He decided a group illustration would make for a fun holiday gift, and we have to agree. Props on being so prepared and sussing out winter gifts in early November! To commission an illustration of your own from AruRmz, stop by her […]

A DC Family Portrait

Cartoon Portrait of Michael Ben and Toby in DC by Nell Fallcard via ArtCorgi

Nell Fallcard has done it again! This charming portrait of Michael, Ben, and Toby in Washington DC is going to look awesome on a wall. To commission art of your own in this style, check out Nell Fallcard’s Cartoon Illustration commission page. Backstory Behind the Commission ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this piece? […]

A Colorful Birthday Gift to Bring Color to a Drab Office

The Ross Family at the Playground by Nell Fallcard via ArtCorgi

Isn’t this family portrait by Nell Fallcard charming? Tim commissioned it as a birthday gift for his roommate Shay and her charming daughters. It melts our hearts. You can commission work in a similar style from Nell Fallcard by visiting her commission page for cartoon style illustrations. Backstory Behind the Commission ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you […]