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A D&D surprise gift painting that would make any Dungeon Master happy!

A D&D surprise gift painting that would make any Dungeon Master happy

​Sandra and her friends commissioned the most amazing D&D artwork as a gift to their Dungeon Master and we couldn’t love it more!  ​They chose Gabrielle Ragusi’s Fantasy / Surreal Illustrations for their commission and it’s really easy to see they chose wisely! Gabrielle’s realistic style makes the artwork look like official art. Splendid! ​I had a […]

How to commission art that looks exactly like you imagined it!

How to commission art that looks exactly like you imagined it - ArtCorgi

Have you ever wanted to commmission an artist to create a custom artwork for you but you never did? Was it because you were worried the artwork wouldn’t look like it does in your mind? Or because you were afraid the artist would do whatever they wanted rather than what *you* wanted? Then read on! […]

Client Spotlight: Check out Michael’s extraordinary sci-fi book covers!

Sci-Fi Book Cover Art by Omniopticon - Punch the devil - via ArtCorgi

In today’s Client Spotlight Interview we’re talking to the talented Michael Ronson, a self-published author! Michael chose ArtCorgi to create the art for his book covers and the results will leave you speechless. Join us as we talk to Michael about his novels, his experience ordering his book covers through ArtCorgi and his plans for […]

20 ideas for your next custom art commission!

20 ideas for your next custom art commission - ArtCorgi

Have you ever thought about commissioning a custom piece of art but you never did it because you couldn’t come up with a good idea for it? I’ve been there before! That’s why I’ve created this list of 20 ideas for your next custom art commission! Many of our clients tried these ideas with great […]

How to commission an artist to create an artwork for you that can leave your loved ones speechless!

How to commission an artist in 5 easy steps - ArtCorgi

When our founder, Malcolm Collins, decided to pop the question to (now wife) Simone, he decided to do it with art! His plan? To commission artists to create multiple pieces of art featuring them both. The proposal went great (and went viral!) and they lived happily ever after. However, there’s a piece of that story […]

Client Spotlight: Marley’s beautiful fantasy-inspired portrait by Silvia Brunetti

Marleys fantasy-inspired portrait by Silvia Brunetti at ArtCorgi

One of the best things about ordering a custom artwork is that there are no limits to what you can create! It doesn’t matter if you never received your letter to Hogwarts (neither did I :( ), you can be a wizard in the canvas! It’s okay if your puppy is too small to ride […]

Adam’s heartwarming portrait gift for his wife by Lucia Garcia


  Adam commissioned a helplessly romantic portrait as a gift to his wife, to show her just how much he cherishes her and their relationship. Isn’t that sweet?! He chose Lucia Garcia’s Painterly Anime Illustrations for his project and the results left him and his wife lost for words! Read below to learn more about […]


5 myths you still believe about commissioning art online - artcorgi

How many times have you wanted to commission art and work with an artist to create a custom artwork for you but you never felt confident enough to do it? You had lots of questions and nobody seemed to have the answers. Won’t it be too expensive? What if the artist runs away with my […]

A Wild Portrait of a Musical Duo

Lamaus Musical Duo Portrait Before and After by Denitsa Trandeva via ArtCorgi

It is just about as rare for us to hear from agents as it is to receive reference images in the form of MS Paint doodles, but both things happened with this commission order for the musical duo Lamaus. Denitsa Trandeva was commissioned to create this illustration in her signature Character Illustration style. We love […]

A Gorgeous Anime Portrait for a Pokemon Fan

Art by Lucía García

John has a friend who is fond of Pokemon and thought it would be nice to surprise her with a Pokemon-inspired portrait. What a nice gesture! He chose Lucía García as his artist and the result is very vibrant and happy. We’re pleased with how it came out and hope John’s friend likes it, too! […]