A Scott-Pilgrim-Inspired Wedding Poster

Scott Pilgrim Inspired Commission by Fleur Sciortino

Today happens to be a very special day for ArtCorgi client Elliott— he is getting married, and he commissioned this poster for his wedding! With a style reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim comics, it has lots of personal details woven in.

Fleur Sciortino did the art in her Scott Pilgrim-inspired comic book style. We’re crazy about it.

Elliott, we wish you and your lovely wife all the happiness in the world. Congratulations!

Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art?

Elliott (E): I had some friends that had similar art commissioned for their wedding.

AC: How did you go about selecting an artist/style?

E: I looked for an artist whose style matched what I wanted to be the feel of the piece.

AC: What advice would you give to a friend who is commissioning art for the first time?

E: Have a good idea going in what you want and provide reference photos. Also, be specific and patient.