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Custom dog portraits that will do your dog justice and make for unique home decor!

Custom dog portraits that will do your dog justice and make for unique home decor - Art by Thenizu

If you love dogs as much as we do (we even named our site after them!) you’re about to be treated (pun not intended) to an amazing collection of the best dog portraits in our gallery! These gorgeous artworks were created by our talented artists and they’ll be stoked to create customd dog portraits made […]

Client Spotlight: Jon’s mesmerizing, romantic portrait gift for his fiancée by Silvia Brunetti

ArtCorgi custom artwork commission for Jon by Silvia Brunetti

I couldn’t be happier to share this Client Spotlight Interview with you! This gorgeous piece of art was created by one of our recent artist additions, Silvia Brunetti, and it has already become one of my all-time favourite artworks on the site. If you want to work with Silvia, click here to have your own […]

Client Spotlight: Chris’ unforgettable proposal in the Old Man of Storr

artcorgi commission featuring a marriage proposal in the old man of storr by Lucia Garcia

Proposal artworks are one of our most requested themes in ArtCorgi. We couldn’t be happier to help awesome people make their proposals even more memorable with a custom artwork of the special moment! Chris’ proposal has to be one of the most inspiring and original we’ve seen in a while! He chose Lucia Garcia’s Painterly […]

Adam’s heartwarming portrait gift for his wife by Lucia Garcia


  Adam commissioned a helplessly romantic portrait as a gift to his wife, to show her just how much he cherishes her and their relationship. Isn’t that sweet?! He chose Lucia Garcia’s Painterly Anime Illustrations for his project and the results left him and his wife lost for words! Read below to learn more about […]


5 myths you still believe about commissioning art online - artcorgi

How many times have you wanted to commission art and work with an artist to create a custom artwork for you but you never felt confident enough to do it? You had lots of questions and nobody seemed to have the answers. Won’t it be too expensive? What if the artist runs away with my […]

Getting to Know ArtCorgi’s Omniopticon

Nicholas Fudge by Omniopticon via ArtCorgi Before and After

Isn’t this illustration of two military brothers awesome? It was created by Omniopticon in his comic style. We thought it would be fun to get to know Omniopticon a bit better and share our findings below. Get to know this fantastic ArtCorgi artist in the Q&A below. ArtCorgi (AC): We love your comic style. For […]

What Clients are Saying about Sam Denmark

Sam Denmark (aka SamDenmarkArt on ArtCorgi) has some incredibly impressive work. That said, the experience an artist gives to his or her clients is just as important as the art he or she creates, and Sam does not disappoint. Here are some things clients have had to say about Sam. To commission work of your […]

Using Canva to Build on Commissions

Creating an ArtCling Banner in Canva

When launching ArtCling, we needed to create a suite of promotional images we could use. Luckily, right as we were getting the site ready to go, we were introduced to Canva, a site that makes creating cool designs as easy as dragging and dropping elements. Canva lets you upload your own images or use existing images […]

Omniopticon on a Commission He Created for Two Brothers in the Military

Omniopticon explains the difference between anime and comic book styles in a different light in which we find quite interesting and accurate! Read about it and Omniopitcon himself below! Also, check out the below piece Nicholas Fudge commmissioned Omniopitcon for; very patriotic!   Artcorgi: We love your comic style. For how long have you been creating […]

Artists on ArtCorgi: Joseph Lee

We did a quick Q&A with another artist on ArtCorgi, Joseph Lee. He has various styles and selections on the site including chibi and character digital illustrations. Read more about Joseph below! ArtCorgi: Tell us a bit about yourself! Joseph: I am a full time graphic designer and web developer; in my free time (HA! HA!) […]