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How many times have you wanted to commission art and work with an artist to create a custom artwork for you but you never felt confident enough to do it?

You had lots of questions and nobody seemed to have the answers.

Won’t it be too expensive?

What if the artist runs away with my hard earned money?

Where do I even find an artist willing to work with me?

I get it!

It’s completely normal to feel insecure about commissioning art in the beginning. Going from an idea to an actual creation is challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before.

You know the basic steps to commission art: Find an artist, pitch your idea, pay them and wait for your masterpiece!

Piece of cake!

Or, is it? Before you know it, the doubts start creeping in…

What if the artist I’ve chosen isn’t available for commissions right now?

How do I write a contract that protects us both?

What if they take too long to finish my artwork?


Why does something so seemingly simple end up feeling like a neverending quest to take the One Ring to Mordor?

But, what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? What if you could work with artists to create incredible original paintings without feeling overwhelmed, worried, or breaking the bank?

You must not let these myths hold you back from bringing your best ideas to life!

Let’s do this!

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Myth #1: Commissioning art is too expensive

Long gone are the days when only the very wealthy were able to afford high-quality, original paintings from talented artists. It is actually more affordable than ever to commission art and work with artists to create a unique, custom piece of art just for you!

There are many artists out there with different styles, levels of skill and price ranges for their art.

But, if you look at it as an expense, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. You’re not spending money on art, you’re investing it.

You’re investing it in…

  • Creating a unique artwork to use in a marriage proposal that will make that moment even more special
  • Giving someone you care about an original and personal gift that shows how much they mean to you
  • Turning a precious memory into an everlasting piece of art you can see and cherish everyday
  • A breathtaking cover for your book that will make it disappear from stores shelves in less than it takes to say ArtCorgi
  • A branded portrait capable of strengthening your business’ presence and humanizing it, making it more relatable to your target audience and building trust faster

Isn’t what you want to create worth the investment? Yes. Yes, it is.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in the process either. Decide how much you’re willing to invest and select an artist accordingly.

ArtCorgi is home to many talented artists in a wide range of prices, which means you’ll always be able to find an artist that fits your particular needs!

Base prices start at $20 and can go as high as $700 for some of our high-end artists. All prices are included in each style, so you’ll be able to see how much a commission would cost before purchasing it.

High-quality art and fair, affordable prices are not incompatible and your ideas deserve to be brought to life!

Color Portrait of a Woman by Bella Bergolts


Myth #2: Finding an artist and negotiating with them is hard

Finding the right artist for your project can be a tough task if you don’t know what you’re looking for or where you can reach out to artists with your proposal.

When Malcolm decided to commission multiple pieces of art to use in his proposal to Simone, he went through over 4,000 artists and reached out to those he liked with his idea.

Although many never replied to him, he was able to work with 18 artists to create 21 pieces of art that turned his proposal into an (even more) unforgettable event.

But, does that mean you’ll have to go through thousands of artists to find the one?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I hear you. That’s actually one of the main reasons ArtCorgi exists. Malcolm and Simone were dismayed to see how hard it was to find and commission artists, and how they undervalued themselves.

After their proposal went viral, a lot of people reached out to them, wanting to know how to commission artwork for their own projects.

They wanted to make it easy for people to commission artists in a safe, fast and fun way.

Because, why should you spend your precious time looking high and low for an artist to commission art from… Hoping they’ll reply to you and be available for hire at that moment… And negotiating fair terms and prices for both parties…

When you could browse among ArtCorgi’s network of talented artists, choose the one that fits your needs best and seal the deal right at that very moment?

  • All of ArtCorgi’s artists are available to take on your project from the get-go
  • They have their prices and styles listed so that you can check how much your project would cost and avoid surprises in your invoice.
  • They have specific turnaround times for each style, so you’ll never have to wait years to get your artwork finished!

You can browse artists, choose the best one and work with them to create your stunning masterpiece all in one place. Hassle-free!

ArtCorgi Guide - How to commission art online ebook preview


Myth #3: I’m scared that I won’t like the final result

Can you imagine? Going through the whole process only to receive a piece of art you don’t like? All that effort, wasted?

It’s scary, isn’t it?

But, in our experience, most people who took the leap found their fear was unfounded and were more than pleased about their final work of art!

The key is working closely with the artist to make sure they’re able to portray what you’ve envisioned as accurately as you want it to be.

To do this, you have to provide the artist with a detailed description and enough reference pictures. Specify anything you think is important and should not be overlooked by the artist. Poses, moods, expressions, settings, etc.

When you commission art through ArtCorgi, the artist will create an initial draft of your commission that you will be able to review and provide feedback on! This step is crucial to make sure you are as happy with the final result as you could possibly be!

If you feel anything is missing, or you want the artist to make any changes — this is the perfect time to request them!

But, what if even after providing feedback and reviewing the draft… I’m not happy with my piece?

If it’s something small, the artist you hired may offer to fix it for free. However, If it’s something bigger, you can purchase extra revision rounds to fix anything you need!

If you work closely with the artist and you provide all the feedback you have, the odds of liking the final result are in your favor!

Commission art by Bloodyman88 on ArtCorgi - Malcolm riding a corgi Before and After

Myth #4: Art doesn’t have a good ROI

First of all, I like the way you think! You invest your time and your money wisely and that’s a good trait to have!

You want those things you put your trust in to be worth it. To be of actual use. Perhaps, even, to pay for themselves in the long run!

Still, many people don’t understand the value of art, they think those who commission artists to create custom art for them are crazy.

But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you commission art with a purpose, it will be worth it. It will give you a good return on your investment.

The question is… What kind of ROI do you want?

Perhaps that person who commissioned an artwork to propose to their partner spent $250 on it but the ‘Yes!‘ was the only thing that could make it all worth it for them.

Maybe all that married couple celebrating their 50th anniversary wanted was to finally have a tangible keepsake of their wedding day. A precious memory turned into an everlasting piece of art.

Or maybe an up and coming author commissioning a book cover for their next release and then making that back tenfold in book sales.

Or a start-up company using illustrated portraits instead of photographs, to make their branding look more unique to their customers. Coming across as more relatable and resulting in an increase in trust from their customers and more sales.

Remember Malcolm’s proposal? He commissioned the artworks to propose to Simone. His personal ROI was getting the ‘Yes!’. But, they both got way more than that.

As a result of the proposal going viral and seeing the vast amount of people who also wanted to follow in their footsteps and commission their own personalized artwork — They decided to launch ArtCorgi!

From a romantic proposal to launching a Start-Up company together! If that’s not an incredible return on investment, I don’t know what is!

Think of what return on investment or what kind of use you’d like your custom artwork to have, and it will be a lot easier to achieve it.

ArtCorgi Guide - How to commission art online ebook preview


Myth #5: The artist will run away with my money

This is probably the most concerning of all the myths we’ve covered so far. I don’t want to admit it but it is true.

Both artists and clients have scammed each other in the past. Leading to a lot of frustration and lack of trust on both ends.

People don’t want to commission art anymore as a result of a bad experience they had with an artist that stole their money and ran away.

Artists don’t want to work with people anymore after the client received the finished artwork and refused to pay for it.

The worst part is that it’s the innocent people that end up paying the consequences.

Innocent artists who have always finished their commissions diligently can’t find clients because they no longer trust artists.

Innocent clients who have always paid for their commissioned art are afraid of trusting artists with their hard earned money anymore, fearing they will run away with it as well.

There are a few ways in which you can prevent this from happening when you commission art.

Use a contract to protect all parties involved

Using a written contract that both artist and client have to sign and agree to before proceeding will help protect both parties.

It should include:

  • What the contract is for (specify what the custom art should include and look like)
  • When the artwork is due
  • How much is being paid for it
  • When payment is due and through which payment method
  • What happens if any party needs to cancel and under which conditions they can do it
  • What happens if any party breaches the terms of the agreement
  • Refund policies and late payment fees
  • Allowed uses of the art once finished

Just to name a few. Ask an attorney to write one for you to protect yourself if things go wrong.

But… If the sight of all this paperwork is giving you a headache and dissuading you from commissioning an artist… I have good news for you!

Commission art through ArtCorgi

You don’t need to worry about all that. When you commission an original painting through ArtCorgi, we take care of everything.

We cherish and protect both artists and customers alike. And we know how important it is for both to feel safe while you’re working together.

Our artists have signed contracts that establish that they’ll get paid fairly and timely for their work upon completion. If they fail to complete and deliver the commission, they are removed from the network.

Which means that unless something major happens to your artist, you’re guaranteed to receive your commission. Or else you’ll receive a refund.

On the other hand, customers are charged upfront upon placing their order. ArtCorgi keeps the funds in escrow while the artist works on the piece.

Once the artist has delivered the piece and you’re happy with it, the artist receives their well deserved payment!

Artists and customers can work together to create incredible works of art while feeling completely safe through ArtCorgi!

Illustrated Bust Portrait of Hannah Louise by Crespella Commission art via ArtCorgi


You’ve seen how commissioning art can be a really easy and fun experience if you do it wisely! Don’t let horror stories and myths keep you from expressing your creativity and bringing your ideas to life!

Your ideas don’t belong in a closed chest in the back of your mind and you know it.

They deserve to be seen, to be shared.

Imagine if you could turn anything in your mind into a work of art. What would it be? What impact would it have on your life or on someone else’s? How much would that be worth to you?


  • Giving someone you hold dear an incredibly sweet painting that commemorates your time together and reminds them how much you truly care about them
  • Bringing your own ideas and worlds to life and using it to create a thriving career doing something you love
  • Having an amazing pet portrait featuring your adorable pets or decorating your home with stunning original paintings
  • Wowing everyone by giving them a unique, original and personalized gift that will knock the usual bottle of cologne out of the park!
  • Having a super fun portrait of you and your friends as your favourite super heroes, or characters from shows you love — and making everyone else wish they could have something so cool!

And the best part is that you can do it all through ArtCorgi without having to…

  • search high and low for an artist that will create custom art for you
  • worry that the artist will run away with your money without completing your commissioned artwork
  • write a legal contract that protects both the artist and you from any issue that may arise
  • go back and forth with the artist about insignificant details. ArtCorgi will take care of all communications to make sure you can focus on other things while maintaining complete creative control.
  • wonder if you’ll break the bank if you decide to take the leap and commission art!


Slytherin Fan Art by Gabrielle Ragusi

Ready to COMMISSION ART & share your creativity with the world?

Did you let any of the myths stated above keep you from commissioning an original painting from an artist? Which one and why did you feel so strongly about it?

Are there any other myths or concerns you’d like to see included and addressed in this list? Leave a comment and let us know!

ArtCorgi Guide - How to commission art online ebook preview


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    I love the idea to write a contract that will protect both of us during the commission. My sister is trying to get a new commission for her office this month. She needs to find a local artist that has a style that fits in with hers.

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