Using Canva to Build on Commissions

Creating an ArtCling Banner in Canva

When launching ArtCling, we needed to create a suite of promotional images we could use. Luckily, right as we were getting the site ready to go, we were introduced to Canva, a site that makes creating cool designs as easy as dragging and dropping elements. Canva lets you upload your own images or use existing images and patterns they provide, plus customize a wide variety of pre-set formats and graphics they have in their vast library.

Though we had a blast using Canva to create marketing materials, we also realized it is PERFECT for further customizing art commissions.

Canva and Commissions

When you commission art through ArtCorgi, you are, by default, given a worldwide, fully-paid, royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-commercial, perpetual license with the right to reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works of, and publicly display art you commission through ArtCorgi for personal purposes.

This means you can do all sorts of things with your commission, such as:

  • Print it on calling cards
  • Turn it into personal stationery
  • Turn it into your Facebook / Twitter cover photo
  • Make fun posters to put on your wall
  • Print it in pretty much any format imaginable

Canva actually has pre-set templates for business cards, Facebook cover photos, and invites, plus you can enter in your own pixel dimensions when starting a new image, so it is really easy to get started.

Canva Options

We recommend giving them a try! They’re perfect for adding text to commissions to turn them into business cards, greeting cards, stationery, and more in a really polished way. :)