Artists on ArtCorgi: Joseph Lee

We did a quick Q&A with another artist on ArtCorgi, Joseph Lee. He has various styles and selections on the site including chibi and character digital illustrations. Read more about Joseph below!

Joseph Lee HeadshotArtCorgi: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Joseph: I am a full time graphic designer and web developer; in my free time (HA! HA!) I am a novelist and illustrator specializing in action! Danger! Intrigue! And character development. When I’m not trying to manifest the things that are in my head, I try to manifest the things that are in other people’s head – whether that’s by drawing their original characters or acting as a mentor to teen and fiction writers.

A: What drew you into the artworld? 

J: I’m a storyteller at heart. When I tell a story, I like to tell as many aspects as possible – including drawing scenes and places and faces. I also really loved anime and use to pause my Pokemon VHS tapes and trace Team Rocket’s faces. For hours.

A: What are your strengths and specialties as an artist?

J: I specialize in character portraits. I really love being able to bring someone’s character(s) to life! Character design is fun and so is learning about new imaginary people.

A: What do you find most challenging about being an artist?

J: Despite being a writer and an illustrator, I cannot for the life of me figure out paneling for graphic novels. I’ve been asked to do the artwork on multiple interesting and amaziSean by Joseph Leeng graphic novel projects and have had to decline just on account of knowing I couldn’t do them justice.

A: What are your future artistic plans?

J: I would really love to be the lead character designer for an animated series… of my own novels, of course.

A: What is your favorite genre, style, or subject matter to draw/paint?

J: I really like steampunk projects… the clothing, textures, hairstyles and lighting is really fun.


Thanks Joseph!

Joseph was recently announced as the winner for the Dark Crystal Project(Congratulations!), so here’s another segment of Q&As for him about the writing competition.

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– ArtCorgi Crew