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A Sketch Portrait of Bob the Photographer

Bob the Photographer Before and After by Joseph Lee via ArtCorgi

Art commissions become quite fun when clients have artistic backgrounds, such as web design or writing (or in this case, photography). Creative types bring unique perspectives to the commissioning process that lead to awesome results. Even simple, informal portraits commissioned by clients with creative backgrounds have an added twinkle of verve to them, as you […]

Luke and His Charmander

Luke by Joseph Lee via ArtCorgi Before and After

Original character commissions are particularly fun to see come together as they involve a lot of creative input both from the artist and the commissioner. Unfortunately, these types of commissions have been rather rare on ArtCorgi! For this reason, we were quite pleased when Luke came to us to have Joseph Lee illustrate his OC […]

A Friendly Portrait of I.H. Laking

Ian Grimwood Author Portrait Before and After by Joseph Lee via ArtCorgi

Several months back, we shared a fantastic book cover created for the author I. H. Laking, though even before that piece was commissioned, the author had a portrait made by our very own Joseph Lee. We quite like it! To get a sketch portrait of your own from Joseph Lee, stop by his commission page. […]

A Super Fun Christmas Card


Though Christmas is (tragically) behind us, cards are still on our mind with the rapid approach of Valentine’s Day. As we look forward to the new Day of Fabulous Greeting Cards, we think back to some of our favorite holiday card commissions of last year, and this piece commissioned by Kaz, an awesome tech journalist […]

Artists on ArtCorgi: Joseph Lee

We did a quick Q&A with another artist on ArtCorgi, Joseph Lee. He has various styles and selections on the site including chibi and character digital illustrations. Read more about Joseph below! ArtCorgi: Tell us a bit about yourself! Joseph: I am a full time graphic designer and web developer; in my free time (HA! HA!) […]

Artists on ArtCorgi: Joseph Lee on Writing & The Dark Crystal Project

We’re happy to announce Joseph Lee, one of ArtCorgi’s artists, was just recently selected to become a writer of a new YA series for Penguin Young Readers Group and Jim Henson Company. In celebration of our artists’ many talents, we switch the subject from art to writing with this recent Q&A with Joseph on winning the […]