Client Spotlight: Chris’ unforgettable proposal in the Old Man of Storr

artcorgi commission featuring a marriage proposal in the old man of storr by Lucia Garcia

Proposal artworks are one of our most requested themes in ArtCorgi. We couldn’t be happier to help awesome people make their proposals even more memorable with a custom artwork of the special moment! Chris’ proposal has to be one of the most inspiring and original we’ve seen in a while! He chose Lucia Garcia’s Painterly Anime Illustrations to bring his proposal idea to life, including a golden snitch as a ring box, and it couldn’t get any better!

How did you come up with the idea to commission a piece of art to use on your proposal?

I was trying to combine some of my fiancée’s favorite things into her proposal, mainly travelling, Harry Potter and Disney. Her love of hiking decided the location (The Old Man of Storr, a beautiful background which Lucía García did an incredible job replicating). A golden snitch ring box brought in Harry Potter but including Disney was a bit more difficult. Eventually I decided on a Disney style illustration of our proposal and that’s where ArtCorgi came in.

What made you choose ArtCorgi for your proposal art? How did you go about choosing an artist?

After googling ‘marriage proposal custom artwork’ (or something similar) a Pinterest page with ArtCorgi’s previous work came up and I knew I’d found the right place! The website was easy to use and after browsing artists I found Lucía García whose portfolio looked like the best match for what I wanted!

How did you incorporate the artwork into the proposal? How did your (now) fiancee react?

My plan was to take a selfie of me and girlfriend at that location, then, instead of showing her the photo, replace it with the proposal artwork instead. As she was working it out (the location, us etc.) I would get on one knee and she would look up to see the artwork come to life.

Of course, plans don’t always work out perfectly :P She initially thought I’d handed her the wrong image, tried to give me back my phone and saw me on one knee…….importantly, she still said yes! :D Once she found out the image was us, and our proposal was captured in a Disney styling she was even more delighted!

Anything else you want to share with us?

ArtCorgi and Lucía García far exceeded my expectations with this piece! Having asked for a Disney stylized illustration (which Lucía García had no examples of at the time) I was slightly concerned, but Lucía García is clearly very talented and from the first draft I was blown away! Thanks again! :D


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Chris! We couldn’t be more thrilled that your proposal was a success! May the artwork you commissioned bring you back to that special moment whenever you look at it! We’re sending you our best wishes for a beautiful new life together!


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