A Sketch Portrait of Bob the Photographer

Bob the Photographer Before and After by Joseph Lee via ArtCorgi

Art commissions become quite fun when clients have artistic backgrounds, such as web design or writing (or in this case, photography). Creative types bring unique perspectives to the commissioning process that lead to awesome results.

Even simple, informal portraits commissioned by clients with creative backgrounds have an added twinkle of verve to them, as you can see with this fun sketch portrait Joseph Lee was commissioned to create for photographer Bob Zamudio. We love the informal and friendly composition he chose.

To commission a sketch portrait of your own from Joseph Lee, swing by his sketch bust commission page.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Bob Zamudio

ArtCorgi (AC): As a photographer, you must already have lots of great photos of yourself. Why have photos drawn?

Bob Zamudio (BZ): I have a couple of self portraits and shots from other friend photographers, but since young I’ve watched anime and cartoons, and have drawn a little. So I liked the idea of a comic/anime style portrait of me, just never had the time to try and do it myself. And besides, I’ve been out of practice for over 8 years, probably would not end up being good.

AC: What are your favorite things to photograph?

BZ: I do a lot of Portrait and Social Events like Weddings and Sweet 16. At the moment I am trying to get a sponsorship for a personal proyect involving Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

AC: We love the way you’re posing with your car- how long have you had it, and what do you like about it?

BZ: I have had almost every brand of car that you can name, and that I can afford. Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Jeep, Honda, and when I got my first SEAT (and my first new, not used, car) in 2005 I loved the car! It was a LEON, and they can ruuuuun!! I fell in love with the brand and after 9 years said good-bye to that model and decided it was time for an update. The car in the shot is a 2014 Spanish made SEAT LEON (like I said, I fell in love), I actually just purchased it this year in February. And once again, I love the speed and stability this car has. 190km/h on the road and you can barely feel it.