A Super Fun Christmas Card


Though Christmas is (tragically) behind us, cards are still on our mind with the rapid approach of Valentine’s Day. As we look forward to the new Day of Fabulous Greeting Cards, we think back to some of our favorite holiday card commissions of last year, and this piece commissioned by Kaz, an awesome tech journalist from Japan, is one of our favorites.

Joseph Lee did the art. Should you like to commission a Valentine’s Day (or other) card design from him, swing by his commission page! :)

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Kaz

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission original art for your Christmas card this year?

Kaz (K): I have wished someone would draw me. Artists on the streets in San Francisco can do so, but I have to pose in front of the artist for a long time. This does not work. I found ArtCorgi at 500 Startups’ Demo Day. This is a modern way to commission art. Including an art piece in the Christmas card is really nice.

AC: Can you tell us why you chose to have the Google Android mascot worked into the piece?

K: I write articles on Google technologies for the Japanese readers. I cover Android quite often. I am working with Android literally, so that I wanted to construct this relationship on the Christmas card. The cards will be sent to my partners in Japan.

AC: As someone who uses Google Glass and is really up to date with modern technology, how do you think the very old practice of commissioning art (and having a human draw something by hand for you when there are countless apps that can manipulate photos and images) can fit into the modern world?

K: This is the key question!! I use imaging apps and software. No software can draw Android to place his hand on my shoulders, and to take a selfie. Only a human can turn this idea into the image. Taking pictures is just copying objects in the real world. Touching up pictures is just tweaking the objects. Drawing a subject is completely different. It is a process of creating new images that cameras and software can never achieve. Most of all, it’s really a fun to watch artistic drawings and paintings come to life.