A Friendly Portrait of I.H. Laking

Ian Grimwood Author Portrait Before and After by Joseph Lee via ArtCorgi

Several months back, we shared a fantastic book cover created for the author I. H. Laking, though even before that piece was commissioned, the author had a portrait made by our very own Joseph Lee. We quite like it!

To get a sketch portrait of your own from Joseph Lee, stop by his commission page. You can learn more about I.H. Laking’s work by visiting his website.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with I.H. Laking

ArtCorgi (AC): Can you tell us a bit about your writing?

I.H. Laking (IHL): I write short stories for children. I’m currently writing a trilogy of detective stories – I’ve finished the first two and am just starting out on the third. They’re set in a fantasy universe, and are written in a classic detective style with elements of adventure stories.

AC: What made you decide to opt for an illustrated author portrait rather than a photo?

IHL: I went for an illustrated author portrait because I wanted something a bit different that portrayed a bit of my fun side and would appeal to parents/children. It’s all about differentiation, people!

AC: What are your top tips to other authors who are keen to present better bio / author images of themselves?

IHL: Definitely consider a portrait that will convey a message about yourself. Whether it’s a photo or an illustrated portrait doesn’t matter (it’s better to have something rather than nothing), but making sure you stand out it important. People are drawn to something new and different, and a grainy iPhone selfie ain’t gonna cut it. I’m glad I went with an illustration personally, because it’s just the kind of thing I was after.