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Client Spotlight: Check out Michael’s extraordinary sci-fi book covers!

Sci-Fi Book Cover Art by Omniopticon - Punch the devil - via ArtCorgi

In today’s Client Spotlight Interview we’re talking to the talented Michael Ronson, a self-published author! Michael chose ArtCorgi to create the art for his book covers and the results will leave you speechless. Join us as we talk to Michael about his novels, his experience ordering his book covers through ArtCorgi and his plans for […]

A Sci-Fi Book Cover Illustrated by Nell Fallcard

Gods of the Forest Grove Cover by Nell Fallcard

Nell Fallcard creates some truly impressive illustrations- be they of a family, a couple, or a single fictional character. We find this book cover she made for a short story penned by Eugenia O’Kelly to be particularly compelling. To commission art of your own in the style, stop by Nell’s commission page. Backstory Behind the […]

A Fantasy Book Cover Design by PhuThieu

Sci-Fi Book Cover Design by PhuThieu via ArtCorgi

Shallow people that we are, we always judge books by their cover, and therefore take orders for book cover art and designs very seriously. We absolutely love how this book cover design by PhuThieu came out. Michel Apsan, the book’s author, put a great deal of thought into it and from the summary he provided […]

I. H. Laking’s ArtCorgi Book Cover Design

The Vanishing Villa Cover Design by Louie Zong via ArtCorgi

Though we specialize in consumer commissions (personal art for everyday people), we love working on special projects for businesses, celebrities, writers, game designers, and schools. One such special project to come through our gates as of late was a book cover design done by Louie Zong for the Australia-based author I. H. Laking. Louie’s art […]