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A D&D surprise gift painting that would make any Dungeon Master happy!

A D&D surprise gift painting that would make any Dungeon Master happy

​Sandra and her friends commissioned the most amazing D&D artwork as a gift to their Dungeon Master and we couldn’t love it more!  ​They chose Gabrielle Ragusi’s Fantasy / Surreal Illustrations for their commission and it’s really easy to see they chose wisely! Gabrielle’s realistic style makes the artwork look like official art. Splendid! ​I had a […]

A Charming Fairy Portrait

Dancing Fairies by Nell Fallcard

This commission by Nell Fallcard, in which two friends have been illustrated as fairies, makes us wish people had more fantasy-themed art made. Why go with a straightforward portrait when a bit of magic can be added? To commission art in this style, stop by Nell Fallcard’s cartoon-style commission page. Backstory Behind the Piece ArtCorgi […]

A Fantasy Book Cover Design by PhuThieu

Sci-Fi Book Cover Design by PhuThieu via ArtCorgi

Shallow people that we are, we always judge books by their cover, and therefore take orders for book cover art and designs very seriously. We absolutely love how this book cover design by PhuThieu came out. Michel Apsan, the book’s author, put a great deal of thought into it and from the summary he provided […]

A Vibrant Set of Fantasy Commissions

Denitsa Trandeva Progress Work

This fantasy-themed set of commissions that Paul commissioned for his girlfriend Jonelle make us endlessly happy. The illustrations, created by Denitsa Trandeva, have a super fun backstory that Paul was kind enough to share with us in the Q&A below. To commission art of your own in this style, swing by Denitsa’s character illustrations commission […]