20 ideas for your next custom art commission!

20 ideas for your next custom art commission - ArtCorgi

Have you ever thought about commissioning a custom piece of art but you never did it because you couldn’t come up with a good idea for it? I’ve been there before! That’s why I’ve created this list of 20 ideas for your next custom art commission! Many of our clients tried these ideas with great results!

If you’ve ever wanted to commission your own artwork but struggled to find a good idea, look no further! Here’s a list of ideas to make your first or next commission a success!

1. An artwork for your marriage proposal

It’s been over 4 years since Malcolm Collins (our corgi lord) proposed to Simone (corgi Lady) using Reddit.com and 21 commissioned pieces of art. But we still haven’t forgotten about the proposal that took the internet by storm and led to ArtCorgi being born!

In the last 4 amazing years we’ve helped many other couples use art in their proposals to make that moment even more special!

Chris commissioned an artwork featuring his proposal to his now fiancée in the Old Man of Storr. Matthew added a fantasy touch by using a Jurassic Park themed proposal artwork! Braddock printed his proposal artwork in a canvas and placed it in an art stand they walked by, his girlfriend recognized themselves and the rest is (beautiful) history!

Proposals are one of our favourite themes for commissions for the following reasons:

  • It makes the moment even more special and romantic
  • It lets you have a tangible keepsake of that moment to reminisce that day whenever you look at it
  • It’s an amazing way to decorate your home in a personal and unique way that will be a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

Don’t you want your own proposal artwork now? I sure do!

artcorgi commission featuring a marriage proposal in the old man of storr by Lucia Garcia


2. Family portrait based on a movie poster

Family portraits are another popular theme among ArtCorgi customers! You value your family above everything else. You truly cherish them and you want to do anything you can to ensure they know how much you love them.

But you don’t need to settle with a traditional family portrait if you have brilliant ideas that will make your artwork even more personal and unique!

One idea to make your custom artwork so much more emblematic would be to base it on a movie poster that reflects your family’s vibe!

Check this portrait of The Martins inspired by The Invincibles movie poster! Amazing, no?

What movie do you think fits your family the best?

Movie Poster portrait of The Martins family in the style of the Incredibles movie


3. A hilarious and badass fantasy artwork of you riding a corgi into battle

How about a fantasy artwork featuring you riding a giant corgi, or your own dog, into battle? A portrait like that is sure to skyrocket your confidence every morning! Bye-bye mirror, from now on I shall only look at myself in this badass painting!

Malcolm and Simone commissioned portraits of themselves riding corgis into battle and it’s the best thing we’ve seen in a long time!

But you don’t need to settle for giant dogs! You can choose among many other options such as cats, rhinos, and why not a dinosaur?! You’ve got the power and in the realm of art ANYTHING is possible :D

Commission art by Bloodyman88 on ArtCorgi - Malcolm riding a corgi Before and After


4. A romantic anniversary gift featuring a special moment in your relationship

Anniversaries are one of the most romantic recurring events for couples! But, finding gifts that can live up to your partner’s expectations can be challenging after a while. You have a not-so-secret competition going on with your partner where you try to outdo the previous years’ gifts. This makes things exciting and fun! Trying to come up with genius ideas brings your creativity to the yard.

But, you’ve already given each other such incredible things that coming up with something better is very hard!

Commissioning a piece of art featuring a special moment in your relationship or including elements that make your relationship so memorable will help you win this year’s anniversary gift competition! It will be personal, unique and beautiful!

ArtCorgi Commission by Blacksmiley


5. A portrait of your family as if you were the main characters in a Pixar movie

Another fantastic idea to spice up your family portrait is to commission a piece in the style of your favourite Pixar or Disney movie! These movies bring families together so why not let them bring you together in your family portrait as well?

But you don’t have to settle for Pixar or Disney, go wild! Choose your favourite style and find an artist that can emulate it for you! Your family will be lost for words when they see themselves in their favourite movie style!

Family portrait commission inspired by Pixar done by Vince Ruz


6. An adorable portrait of your dog, cat or favourite pet!

Now that we’re talking about families, we couldn’t possibly leave out out fluffy friends, now, could we? It’s hard to negate the fact that our pets are one of the most supportive and caring members of our family. No matter what, they will always be there to comfort you and cheer you up!

They deserve all of our love and petting. But why not pay tribute to them through an amazing custom artwork that portrays them in all their fluffiness?

Decorate your home with a beautiful painting of your dog, cat, bird, hamster or any pet you’re happy to have in your family!

ArtCorgi - Cute Pet portrait commissions by MythicalPalette

7. Branded portraits for your business and blog

Custom art is a great way to show your loved ones how much they mean to. However, personal use is not the only way you can rock your illustrations!

Having an illustrated portrait of yourself and your team can help you improve your branding and stand out among the noise in your niche. Everyone uses photos of themselves, but you can turn those photos into art and be more appealing immediately!

From bloggers to big companies, branded illustrated portraits will help you draw people’s attention and feel more relatable to your audience. It also looks amazing on your site and social media!

Simone by Crespella via ArtCorgi Before and After

8. Fanart of your favourite videogames, movies or tv-shows

I’ve given you many ideas to commission but not everything needs to be for someone else. Commissioned art can also be for you to enjoy!

As such, there’s nothing better to commission than a fanart of your favourite fandoms! Videogames, TV-shows, books, comics, mangas, movies, etc. Turn your favourite characters and universes into an amazing artwork that can brighten up your day whenever you look at it!

ArtCorgi - Scarlet Witch and Vision from Marvel - Comic book illustrations sample by Omniopticon



9. Turning yourself into a Jedi, becoming a Hogwarts student, etc.

While you’re at it, why not include yourself in your favourite universe? Imagine how amazing it would be to have a portrait of yourself as though you belonged to your favourite fictional universe!

Turn yourself into a Jedi or a Sith, finally get to attend Hogwarts (even if just on the canvas!), become a part of the army fighting for the Middle Earth; try to win the Game of Thrones or anything you can come up with!

Your fantasy artwork, your rules!

Marleys fantasy-inspired portrait by Silvia Brunetti at ArtCorgi


10. A storybook of your best moments with your partner

Sometimes a single image just won’t do. When you have an amazing life with your partner, you need something that can do it justice! That’s why a storybook featuring your best moments with your partner or the highlights of your latest adventures is the best way to go!

Why cram everything into one illustration when you can tell a beautiful story in many pieces? It will be the most heartwarming gift of all and will help you reminisce your best moments together, for many years to come.

Whether you choose to use fully painted pages or individual sketches, a storybook is sure to brighten up your life.

ArtCorgi - Nature fusion ink portraits by Shintayu

11. A lovely portrait to use in Christmas or birthday cards

Are you one of those people who love sending Christmas cards to all their family and friends every year? If so, you can go above and beyond this year by creating your own custom made card!
The stage is yours with your unique card design and it will surprise everyone who receives it!

You could also create custom cards for birthdays or other special events! Just make sure to be around to see their reaction!

Draft of Puerto Rico Postcard Couple Portrait by Crespella


12. Character designs for your original characters or your characters from MMOs

If you’re a part of an MMO or any other online gaming community, chances are you’ve created one or more characters to play with! You could commission a piece of art featuring your character/avatar and make it look like official art of your character!

If you play in a group, why not have a group artwork created featuring all of your friends’ characters? Wouldn’t it be fun?

If you’re creating your own stories and need a talented artist to bring your characters to life, you can do so as well! Have an artist create a character design for your characters based on your descriptions and references! Same goes for monsters, settings or items in your novel that you’d love to have a visual representation of!

ArtCorgi - DnD dungeons and dragons commission by Gabrielle Ragusi


13. Book covers for your novels, comics or mangas

On a similar note, you could commission a breathtaking cover for your book that would make it sell faster than hotcakes!

Although we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, people still do, so you’d better have an amazing cover that will entice people to read your book and discover how fantastic it is!

Are you creating a comic or a manga instead? No problem! Just find an artist that specializes in those styles are you’ll be on your way to having a successful comic/manga launch!

The Vanishing Villa book cover art by Louie Zong via ArtCorgi

14. A comic of your original story

What if you don’t just want a cover? What if you’re a marvelous writer but you don’t have the time or skills needed to create a visual novel? You can team up with a talented artist to bring your script to life through a comic or manga book!

Find someone whose style you love and who will be able to work with you on an ongoing basis until the comic/manga is completed. You’ll see how easy and fun it is to work with someone to bring your ideas to life!

Colored Comic Page by Liz Coshow


15. A hilarious portrait of your pet dressed up in fancy, vintage clothes

We mentioned pet portraits earlier but why not take it up a notch and go with a portrait of your pet in fancy, vintage style clothing? Imagine your dog, cat or any other pet dressed up like a fancy Lord from many centuries ago! Where fun and awe-inspiring meet and everyone feels conflicted about whether to feel amused, impressed or overly jealous!

ArtCorgi_Commission_For_ Mya Eteer_by_kucingkecil_preview


16. An amazing YouTube banner and icon to take your YouTube channel to the next level

Do you have an amazing Youtube channel that you’d love to brand like a pro? A custom artwork featuring you along with drawn elements of topics that you do or talk about in your channel will help you be more memorable and resonate easily with your audience!

People will stick around your channel and build a community. Other creators will wish they had a banner and avatar as cool as yours!

Up your Youtube game with a beautifully branded banner and avatar!


17. A beautiful and unique signature board for your wedding

If you’re getting married (congratulations!) you could have your own custom-made signature board!

It’ll be a very personal and unique touch that your guests will appreciate, but also something you’ll get to keep and cherish forever!

The perfect wedding deserves the perfect signature board, and you’re one step away from teaming up with a talented artist to have yours made!

Vicky at her wedding by Angeline Roussel After composite

18. Recreate your favourite movie scene with you in it instead

Is there a movie or videogame scene you absolutely adore and would love to have you in it instead?

Why not work with an artist to make it happen? You could ask them to recreate the scene in an illustration but include you instead of any of the original characters!

Is there anything more fun than to be the star in your favourite movie? I don’t think so!



19. A tribute to someone you love that has passed away

When a loved one passes away it’s very hard to cope with the feelings and the sorrow.

You do all you can to pay your respects and remember the good moments you spent with them when they were alive. You carry them in your heart from then on.

Another good way to honor them is to create an artwork that pays tribute to them and the good they did in life. A piece that helps keep their memory alive and honors their life.

ArtCorgi - Realistic Portraits commission sample by JohnyKatoArt


20. A romantic portrait that brings long-distance couples together

If there’s one thing that long-distance couples want (especially those that met online and have yet to meet in person) is to have a photo of themselves being together.

Sometimes having a photo together is just not possible, so having an artwork featuring both is the next best thing!

Have an artist create a heartwarming portrait of your partner and you that can help you feel closer together until you’re finally able to meet in person!

What do you think of our list? Did any of our ideas inspire you to commission your next masterpiece? Do you have any ideas that you think would fit our list? Let us know in the comments!

ArtCorgi - Commission portrait of a long distance couple by Eli Coronel

What did you think of our list of ideas for your next custom art commission? Is there any idea you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the post!

Are you ready to take your ideas and turn them into an amazing original artwork? It will leave your loved ones speechless when they receive a custom art made just for them!

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