An Assassin’s Creed-Inspired Portrait

Carlo the Assassin by Bloodyman88 on ArtCorgi

We are perpetual fans of badass portraits, pieces featuring pets, and videogame-inspired art. This Assassin’s Creed-inspired piece commissioned by Carlo from our talented artist Bloodyman88 hits all three categories at once. Isn’t it cool? You can commission art of your own in this style on Bloodyman88’s character design commission page. Congrats on the fantastic commission, […]

A Professional Portrait Featuring Erica Swallow

Erica Swallow by Dumonchelle Draws via ArtCorgi

Dummonchelle Draws offers a wide variety of commission styles (ranging from super stylized to quite realistic), but one of his most popular styles as of late is his semi-realistic bust portrait style. It works great for professional portraits, like this lovely piece made for Erica Swallow. We love the coloring and realistic- but nevertheless stylized […]

A WoW Inspired Portrait Commission

Michelle the Blood Elf by Bob Kehl via ArtCorgi

Because more detailed, painterly portraits lie at a higher price range, we don’t see them as frequently as cartoon-style commissions, but we love them nonetheless! The results never fail to be impressive. Check out this portrait Bob Kehl did for Michelle, who asked for Bob to create a fantasy-inspired painting featuring a cross between her […]

An Explosive Family Portrait by Clay Graham

Ryan and Cassi by Clay Graham via ArtCorgi

There is something irresistibly fun about walking-away-from-explosions-without-looking-back shots, and we’re glad that through the magic of art commissions, we can put pretty much anyone in such scenes. Clay Graham, who has been exploding in popularity on our site, recently illustrated one such scene featuring Ryan, Cassi, and their adorable dog Chewy. Came out great, right? […]

A Great Take on a Selfie

The Skyline Selfie by Louie Zong via ArtCorgi

Selfies continue to go strong these days, so it is only natural that we get selfie-inspired commissions (heck, we even have an artist who specializes in selfies… or rather UN-selfies). This selfie-inspired illustration commissioned form Louie Zong in his detailed digital illustration style is one of our all-time favorites of the genre. Isn’t it magical? […]

Chris’ Comic Style Commission Features an Awesome Tattoo

Buff Christopher by Clay Graham via ArtCorgi BG Added

We love this recent commission created by Clay Graham (in his signature comic/cartoon style) for Chris. Isn’t it cool? We especially love the tattoo worked in- art within art! In the Q&A below, Chris gives us some background on the piece. ArtCorgi: What inspired you to commission this piece? Chris: I wanted to have something […]

A Gorgeous Original Character by Gabrielle Ragusi

Luna by Gabrielle Ragusi via ArtCorgi

While most people commissioning art on ArtCorgi ask for artistic representations of themselves and their friends, we get original character requests every so often, and they are amongst our favorite. Artists can really exercise their creativity when given a description of a fictional character and let loose. You can see how splendid the results are […]

Turning Family Photos into an Epic Battle Scene

Comic Style Portrait of the Yuan Family by Clay Graham

As much as we love straightforward family portraits, we can’t get over how much more awesome family portraits become when they get more creative. This makes us huge fans of John, who asked Clay Graham to illustrate himself and his wife riding their pet cats into battle in order to save their young son from a […]

Samuel on His Commission featuring Fort Ingall by Nell Fallcard

Samuel the Soldier by Nell Fallcard

Nell Fallcard was recently commissioned to create a period piece inspired by Samuel’s experience working at Fort Ingall. We love the finished product and asked Samuel some questions about his commission. Read more about him below! ArtCorgi: What is the story behind Fort Ingall? When and why was it created? And can people visit it […]