An Explosive Family Portrait by Clay Graham

Ryan and Cassi by Clay Graham via ArtCorgi

Ryan and Cassi by Clay Graham BeforeThere is something irresistibly fun about walking-away-from-explosions-without-looking-back shots, and we’re glad that through the magic of art commissions, we can put pretty much anyone in such scenes.

Clay Graham, who has been exploding in popularity on our site, recently illustrated one such scene featuring Ryan, Cassi, and their adorable dog Chewy. Came out great, right? We love that Chewy is walking on his hind legs and that a celebratory fist bump was worked in for good measure.

To get more background on the piece, we asked Ryan, who commissioned the piece, a couple of quick questions:

ArtCorgi: We love this commission. What inspired it?

Ryan: The commission was inspired by just wanting something that would make me smile when I saw it.

Ryan and Cassi by Clay Graham Before Plus ChewyAC: We love that your dog makes an appearance in this piece. How long have you had this pet?

R: I’ve had Chewy since he was a little pup. He is now 5 years old.

AC: Where / how do you plan on using this illustration?

R: I plan on putting this illustration on my desk.

.   .   .

Thanks for the quick Q&A Ryan, and for commissioning such a fun piece!

Should you like to have a commission in this style of your own, swing by Clay’s comic / cartoon style commission page. :D