Omniopticon on a Commission He Created for Two Brothers in the Military

Omniopticon explains the difference between anime and comic book styles in a different light in which we find quite interesting and accurate! Read about it and Omniopitcon himself below! Also, check out the below piece Nicholas Fudge commmissioned Omniopitcon for; very patriotic!   Artcorgi: We love your comic style. For how long have you been creating […]

A Sweet Birthday Portrait for a Soon-to-Be-Mother

Happy Birthday from Ghina by Nell Fallcard

Nell Fallcard has been creating some awesome art for ArtCorgi clients lately, and this piece, done in her cartooney style, is one of my favorites! Commissioned by Ghina as a birthday present for a friend of hers who recently discovered she will be having a baby, this piece is sweet, genuine, and fun. Ghina was […]

Fabulous Wedding Invitation Art by Crespella

The Happy Family by Crespella

As a company with romantic origins and a love for furry mascots, we’re suckers for art related to romance and pets, and therefore had a blast working with Irit (and ArtCorgi’s talented Crespella) to create wedding invitation art featuring not just herself and her fetching fiancé, but also her adorable Scottish Fold cat, Marcus. Irit […]

Artists on ArtCorgi: Joseph Lee

We did a quick Q&A with another artist on ArtCorgi, Joseph Lee. He has various styles and selections on the site including chibi and character digital illustrations. Read more about Joseph below! ArtCorgi: Tell us a bit about yourself! Joseph: I am a full time graphic designer and web developer; in my free time (HA! HA!) […]

Jacinta’s Fantasy-Themed ArtCorgi Commission by Absinthe

Jacinta Riding Her Dragon by Absinthe

We love this fantasy piece done by Absinthe! This piece was recently commissioned by Jacinta. We wanted to get to know more about Jacinta and her love for dragons– And also her experience with commissioning art– So read on for more! “With ArtCorgi… It was so easy to search out an artist whose style I […]

ArtCorgi: Harry’s Commission by Mourphine

The Boat Trip by Mourphine - Commission for Harry

We love this illustration one of our latest clients, Harry, commissioned of himself and one of his friends out on the water. Isn’t it fun? We caught up with Harry to learn more about this piece and what inspired it. The Story Behind the Commissoin ArtCorgi: What inspired you to commission art as a gift? Harry: I […]

Artists on ArtCorgi: Max Martelli

Max Martelli had recently joined the ArtCorgi community and we must say, we love his black and white style so much! He is a freelance illustrator working in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genre; but here at ArtCorgi he shows off his passion for creating portraitures. Here’s the Q&A he answered down below. ArtCorgi: […]

A Family Fairy Tale Portrait

The Fairy Tale Family and Their Kingdom by Louie Zong

Louie Zong recently created this irresistibly cute family portrait featuring a vibrant fairy tale theme for Mathew. We love the colors Louie used and the personal details that have been worked into the piece. You can commission original art from Louie in this style on his detailed digital illustrations commission page. The Story Behind The […]

Artists on ArtCorgi: Joseph Lee on Writing & The Dark Crystal Project

We’re happy to announce Joseph Lee, one of ArtCorgi’s artists, was just recently selected to become a writer of a new YA series for Penguin Young Readers Group and Jim Henson Company. In celebration of our artists’ many talents, we switch the subject from art to writing with this recent Q&A with Joseph on winning the […]