Chris’ Comic Style Commission Features an Awesome Tattoo

Buff Christopher by Clay Graham via ArtCorgi BG Added

We love this recent commission created by Clay Graham (in his signature comic/cartoon style) for Chris. Isn’t it cool? We especially love the tattoo worked in- art within art! In the Q&A below, Chris gives us some background on the piece.
ArtCorgi: What inspired you to commission this piece?

Chris: I wanted to have something like this done because I thought it would make a funny but cool piece of art in my house. There isn’t really much of a story why I had it done. I’m just very conceded.

AC: What drew you to a comic-inspired style over other more realistic or cartooney styles on ArtCorgi?

C: Honestly, I would have preferred a more realistic style, but I didn’t want to spend too much money. But not only was it less expensive to go this route, for what I wanted it to look like, it turned out great in my opinion.

AC: We love your tattoo. Is there any particular story behind it, or were you just a fan of the design?

C: The tattoo on my arm is not only my first tattoo, but it holds the most meaning. The cross with wings is a representation of someone’s guardian angel. And because I’ve always considered my mother to be my guardian angel, I have her name sitting above it.

.   .   .

If you like Clay Graham’s style, you can commission an illustration of your own by him on his commission page!