A Gorgeous Forest Portrait

The Angel in the Forest by Lucia Garcia via ArtCorgi

One of the most detailed commissions to come through our gates this summer was made by Lucía García by a client with the really cool idea of his figure being drawn with a halo and angel wings. Lucía put a lot of thought and effort into depicting the forest’s beautiful colors and details, and it shows through nicely!

To learn about what inspired this piece, check out the Q&A below. To commission work in this style, check out Lucía García’s Anime Illustrations commission page. :)

Forest PortraitBackstory Behind the Piece

ArtCorgi: What inspired you to have this gorgeous piece of art commissioned?

I have always wanted to get an anime artwork commissioned and it was just pure coincidence I stumbled upon Artcorgi. Could not pass up on the opportunity to finally get one done by the right people.

AC: What drew you to an anime style for this piece?

The style was what I looked for and perfect for my first ever commissioned artwork.

AC: We love the original reference photo you provided- is there anything special about the woods in which you are pictured or the day on which the photo was taken?

The original picture was taken while trekking the Queenstown Hill walk in New Zealand. Especially memorable as the vantage point you have after the long climb provides a breath taking and unforgettable view!

Queenstown Hill